Canada Continues To Pull Ahead – Short USD/CAD

More good numbers out of Canada today as the economy appears to be firing on all cylinders.

Firms in Canada may look to raise consumer prices amid the underlying strength in job growth along with the expansion in private sector credit, and a positive development may heighten the appeal of the Canadian dollar should the data spark bets for a rate hike.

Meanwhile south of the border:

The city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in federal court Thursday, laying the groundwork for a historic effort to bail out a city that is sinking under billions of dollars in debt and decades of mismanagement, population flight and loss of tax revenue.

The bankruptcy filing makes Detroit the largest city “so far” in U.S. history to do so.

Obviously I’m suggesting short USD/CAD sets up quite well at these levels. I’ve booked 2% on the trade and will look to reload on any further “pop” in USD which gets less and less likely by the day.

You Can't Day Trade Forex Without Conviction

I try my best to strike a balance, and offer as much insight as I can to both longer term “investor types” as well those “short-term traders” looking for a little more action in their day-to-day.

I’m often confronted with “frustrated short-term traders” dissatisfied that suggestion of a “stronger Yen” or “weaker dollar” on any given day – did not provide the desired “instantaneous result” of  being made a millionaire overnight. Over leveraged and grossly under funded these short-term traders are quickly taken out, as the industry’s  own marketing strategies are fundamentally built upon this “promise” of instant riches.

You can’t day trade Forex.

No matter what you think, and no matter how many “bells and whistles” you’ve got on your charts, no matter how many “small wins” or perhaps even with a few “larger wins” the inherent volatility on smaller time frames will reduce your account to zero – long before you’ll ever  set up shop on the beautiful Caribbean ocean , bikini clad babes and tequilla in hand.

You must learn the fundamentals, as you’ve no conviction in your trading otherwise.

A quick “spike” here or “dip” there and you freak out / stop out with absolutely no conviction behind the trade – because in reality – you really have no idea at all as to “what the trade is even about” anyway. Without a fundamental reason for taking a trade you will never have conviction, and without conviction – you’re just a tiny fish getting smashed around in the surf.

I pop in and out of trades on smaller time frames all the time – only in that I’ve already got the larger time frames and the fundamentals “behind the trade” to begin with. This takes time and a considerable amount of learning but is absolutely key if one hopes to survive.

Market Recap – Looking Back In Time

When trading longer term time frames ( weekly charts ) the information listed below pretty much says it all. You can have fun with the day to day stuff sure….but with no longer term vision / no “real idea” what’s going on (short of the recent headlines on the tube) – you’re essentially just rolling the dice.

2013 trading:

U.S Housing Recovery:

Canada / U.S Market Topped:

SPY At Major Point of Resistance:

It’s interesting that “eternal bulls” appear frustrated as hell here at the “relative highs” – with consistent “claims” of “knocking it outta the park” when in reality – they sit confounded, and likely struggling to figure out “huh! – why isn’t this working out?”

Bulls n bears both get slaughtered – Gorillas make the money.

Kongdicator – Forex Kong's Trade Technology

The “Kongdicator” has been years in the making.

The Kongdicator is truly a thing of beauty, and a product of literally “1000’s of hours” logged staring into the dark soul of my “evil computer monitor”.

Computers have no compassion …..and will gladly steal your eyesight at a moment’s notice ( given half the chance) but NO!……not in this case – as we survive “unscathed” – Kongdicator in hand.

The Kongdicator Rules Forex Kong.

I am a fundamental trader at heart – looking to “ride the waves” as “planetary monetary policy” shifts and evolves. I look to long-term charts FIRST and then look to the Kongdicator to get me “in and out” on the short-term “ebb and flow”.

We’ve now proven it’s worth in equities markets as well – nailing the last several turns “literally to the day”.

We all need to improve on our trading. We all need a plan.

The Kongdicator “is” my plan.

It’s like this…..I’ve been working on this for years, and have always been taught / learned that  – “you need to stand up for what you believe – and never let anything stand in your way”. So……..there it is. I wouldn’t get so excited about it if I didn’t feel I could stand behind it.

Kongdicator coming your way – soon!

China GDP Statistics – Monday Alert!

China’s numbers are due on Sunday night and I feel it prudent to give everyone a very, very serious heads up as to the implications and ramifications in equities markets come Monday morning.

Look out below as the GDP numbers out of China are more than likely going to disappoint. This has “ugly” written all over it  as coupled with a likely string of “disappointing earnings reports” to follow out of the U.S – the combination could prove to be one for the books.

We’ve known this for some time now, and considering that my short-term tech went “short $SPX” on Thursday afternoon, and has also signalled “long JPY” for Monday morning – the rubber meets the road here again on Kong’s ability to forecast / see this stuff coming long before the crowd.

I am at complete odds as to why the entire planet isn’t already in complete “duck for cover” “risk off mode” but then on the other hand…… not really that surprised. Ben’s got your back right? Oh boy.

The plan is to “get ahead of this stuff” not “react to it”.

In any case….we here at Forex Kong we’ll know exactly what’s up late Sunday evening, and will continue positioning accordingly.

Check the real-time tweets etc.

Global Market Insight – CNBC Is Dead

With nearly 60% of Forex Kong traffic / readership coming from outside the U.S, we are a truly international bunch. I take tremendous pride in this, as the broad scope of  information shared here from “people in the know” and “on the ground” in their native land’s holds tremendous value. When our man in Australia pounds out some solid numbers on housing, or the current sentiment on China etc – you can generally take this stuff to the bank.

I want to thank each and every one of you (this means you Schmed!) who have taken the time to contribute here – and encourage you to continue doing so. Considering the absolute nonsense being spilled out of the U.S daily – we are truly “an oasis” in a sea of misinformation and deceit. Something we can all be proud of.

On that note, I occasionally tune in to “CNBC” to get a quick read on the current “news stories/headlines” being peddled to the general American populus – and can usually bare it for 10 maybe 15 minutes tops. They actually state that sound investment principles would have you buying stocks on the sole basis that “Bernanke has got your back”.

“Bernanke has got your back”. That’s the investment thesis. That’s the plan. That’s the “right thing to do”. I can honestly say that I have never in my life heard something so absolutely absurd. Brilliant! A single man working for a private bank, systematically destroying a currency is the “hot investment strategy” of the day. I may now be sick.

CNBC viewership has imploded recently to it’s absolute lowest level since 2005, with really no end in sight – so perhaps there is some hope that people are looking for “legit information” elsewhere. We can only hope.

This from our friends at ZeroHedge:



Let’s keep things global people – CNBC is dead.

Largest One Day Gains Of My Career

I have been on and on about USD weakness broiling underneath the “gong show” of American monetary policy, as well the coordinated “media spin” aimed at liquidating your retirement accounts.

There will be no tapering. The Fed will increase it’s QE programs moving forward. Global growth is on the decline. The cycle has shown its “ugly face” – and Kong has enjoyed the absolute #1 most profitable day on record – booking a whopping 11% on combined trades ( built over time as per my entry strategy) based purely on the fundamentals and my short term tech doing its job.

I have little else to say this evening – only that patience and a keen eye on the “macro fundamentals” has proven a winning combination as of this moment.

Currency movement has again lead the way (with respect to forecasting future movements in markets)  and has rewarded those “patient enough” to slug it out in the trenches.

It’s time for celebration on this end. All too deserving if one chooses to put in the time.

I truly hope that you have done as well yourselves.

Today marks the largest single one day returns of my entire career.

I hope yours as well!





The Ultimate Risk Off Trade – EUR / AUD

Of all the currency pairs I track and trade – there is no more a beast than EUR/AUD ( The Euro vs The Australian Dollar).

This currency pair as well as it’s sister pair EUR/NZD makes some of the largest intraday moves of the entire currency world “if not” theeee largest moves, and hav the ability to devastate an account – literally within minutes.

Trading this pair takes acute knowledge of “fundamental under currents” in currency markets, as the pair functions as the “ultimate risk off / on trade”. Get it right, and you can see crazy profits practically overnight…get it wrong and watch your account go to zero. It’s truly a beast and commands the utmost respect. I would argue that this pair is the most volatile / high risk / strange / powerful / beautiful monster in the entire currency world. I love it. I fear it. I trade it.


I am talking about several hundred pip moves ( up and down ) within a single days trading, and as much as “thousand point moves” weekly. Two hundred pip intraday action is totally normal, so for any of you “newbies” hoping to catch a quick buck – you can forget it. The stops needed to trade the pair are larger than your account balance.

Imagine EUR/AUD like a big red button you’ve been presented with, and asked if “you should push it or not” -the temptation is there, but equally the risk.

I am currently long both EUR /AUD as well EUR/NZD and suggesting that risk is – OFF.


Forex Trading In India – Rupee!

India is about 1/3 the size of the United States, yet it is the second most populous country in the world, with a population of 1,166,079,217 – (wow that is packed). India is the largest democracy in the world.

The Indian Rupee has recently taken a considerable hit vs USD and looks to be setting up for a bit of a rebound.

I don’t trade it ( in fact my broker doesn’t offer the pair ) but I did find it interesting , to pull up a chart of USD/INR which does look very overbought.

There has been alot of talk that “forex trading” is actually illegal in India, but after doing some looking around I’ve come to learn that the actual “trading activity” isn’t illegal as such –  but that there are considerable restrictions on “how much” money can deposited and traded.

Apparently it “is” illegal to take Rupee out of India, but this is only loosely enforced.

For anyone out there that “does” have an opportunity to trade Rupee………Rupee!




Taper Talk – Believe It Or Not

Doesn’t it always seem to go like this.

Just when you feel you’ve got things ironed out, and have put some larger plans in motion – sure enough (it never fails) something pops up that starts to get you thinking again – wait a minute….have I got this right?”

The Fed’s “taper talks” have certainly been working their magic in that regard, as the Internet now buzzes with new analysis on the U.S Dollar, fancy charts with arrow pointing up , up , up and suddenly (practically overnight) the U.S data is “all positive” and most certainly the Fed will begin “making its exit” in September. Done deal. As simple as that.

Ok – well…….what does that mean to the average investor?  Wasn’t it just last week that “more QE” is what the street was looking for? This being a “fed sponsored rally” does that mean the rally is ending? Or is “tapering” a good thing for markets?

The orchestration is truly brilliant in its design, and if you stopped to ask 10 different people on the street what it actually means to them – I’m sure the answers would be a resounding “I have no frickin idea” right across the board. Keep people confused. Keep things cloudy, and let the market do what it’s designed to do.

At this point it’s really a matter of “if you actually believe the talk or not” and how you would then go about positioning yourself. I for one am quite confident that it’s actually the opposite which is soon to take place – and the Fed will be introducing additional measures to keep interest rates from rising, and to keep the dollar tamed.

“QE 5” I’m calling it.

Either way you cut it – “Taper talk” is the current riddle to decode.

I wonder what’s next?