Intraday Charts – Like Kids With Crayons

You can’t get down on yourself during times like these.

You’ve studied every “technical analysis” known to man, may it be “cycle theory” or “elliot wave” or “fib trading” whatever……yet things still aren’t lining up. You still can’t seem to “time this” and generate winning trades on a consistent basis well…….

You can’t get down on yourself during times like these.

Intraday charts currently look like they’re being created by a group of small children with a couple of boxes of crayons! A real mess to say the least, and hardly what I’d call “works of art”.

As traders you’ve got to learn to recognize when market “just aren’t behaving” in a rational manner, and adjust your trading accordingly. You can’t get down on yourself and throw into question everything you’ve work so hard to learn times – It’s not you!

The market is at an inflection point. Period.

You need to step back. Keep yourself protected and learn from this….as you’ll be more than prepared for the next time.

Don’t let this thing get the best of you.

It’s important to recognize these are “unprecedented times”! Markets are nuts for a reason because for the most part……no one has a freakin clue what’s coming next. The entire thing “hangs in the balance” of Central Bank intervention and the realities of slowing global growth.

Not exactly an “ideal environment” for the new trader, in fact it’s a terrible environment for any trader! If you can’t step back and see the larger picture….then the “smaller pictures” will continue to confound. This is not a time to be “practicing”. This is not a time to be “taking chances”.

When I go fishing, I generally get up pretty early, but I don’t even bother loading the truck if it’s pissing down rain right? You don’t go “scuba diving” during a hurricane do you?

This is no different.  Forest from the trees type stuff – you know.

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USD Whipsaw! – Killer Trades Abound

We exited long USD trades last night and into this morning vs the EU related currencies EUR, GBP as well CHF, and the short SPY as well QQQ entered yesterday ( and days prior ) are really taking shape.

An interesting turn in markets ( once again likely catching many off side ) seeing that USD will likely continue to seek “lower lows”.


The “quick catch” and reversal in USD coupled with the “line in the sand” drawn in both The Nikkei as well USD/JPY have us in absolutely amazing shape “prior” to the correction even starting.

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Killing it! We’re killing it!





U.S Bonds – Fed Buying From Belgium

I’ve had several people ask my views / opinions on the recent “up moves” in U.S Treasuries considering the fact that the Fed “suggests” its tapering asset purchases by an additional 10 billion dollars month over month.

So how on Earth do bond prices just keep going higher? Who on Earth would be buying these worthless / fraudulent pieces of toilet paper if not the Fed?

Answer: It is the Fed, only they are doing it via surrogate buyers in Belgium.

Same bullshit – even more deceptive.

I’ll let our good friend Dr. Paul Roberts do what he does best and explain to you “exactly” how this is taking place, as no one could possibly explain it better.

You won’t believe what you’re reading, when you get your head wrapped around “just how desperate” and “just how deceptive” the U.S Federal Reserve is.




The Canadian Dollar – Trouble Ahead

I hate to say it, but the Canadian Dollar is heading for some “rough times” in coming months.

Considered a “risk related currency” along side both the Australian Dollar and the New Zealand Dollar ( as these countries economies are primarily based on the export of raw materials / natural resources ) a slowing China, slowing global growth, and a “floundering United States” won’t do much to help Canada and its “loonie” stay aloft.

Awful employment data last week certainly didn’t help either, but that’s not nearly as large a driving factor as slowing global growth. These countries depend on “selling what they’ve got” to keep people working and to keep the economy strong, so by simple way of “supply and demand” these economies suffer when global growth slows.



And it is slowing. Not matter what you read or see on your television.

None of this turns on a dime obviously, so for the most part you’ll only really “hear of it” long after it’s well under way ( as it’s happening at this very moment ) but the reforms in China will continue to creep into the “inner workings” of our global economy, while the U.S as well Europe continue to struggle – just to keep their heads above water.

Short “Canada” starting to make sense, as I’m already long USD/CAD as well short CAD/JPY.

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Your Vice Presidents Son – Now Ukraine Bigshot

I had to pass this along, in case any of you still have any questions surrounding The United States interests in Ukraine.

Vice President of The United States Joe Biden’s son has just been appointed as a “new director” on the board of directors of Ukraine’s largest private gas producer Burisma Holdings.

Having served as a Senior Vice President at MBNA bank, former U.S. President Bill Clinton appointed him an Executive Director of E-Commerce Policy Coordination and under Secretary of Commerce William Daley. Mr. Biden served as Honorary Co-Chair of the 2008 Obama-Biden Inaugural Committee.

Now Biden’s son is on the board of directors of Ukraine’s largest gas company????

Common on people! This is public knowledge! ( Thanks to Zerohedge for the tip-off ).

The full article is here at their own corporate website. I’m off to the bathroom now to vomit.



2 Steps Forward – Then 2 More

The long USD trades ( in particular vs the EU type currencies ) is absolutely killing it, and for the most part – hasn’t really even started yet.

With “The Nikkei” most recently “serving as my guide” we’ll see reversal here today and the “party can get started” with those Yen related pairs as well.

As I’d mentioned some time ago…I’ve long and since stopped worrying about the silly SP 500, as it’s movement has had “very little to no effect” on currency positioning and bigger picture analysis.

It’s a game. And it’s a game that most are losing.

If I could chose to be one thing right now “other than a gorilla” I’d take bear over bull in a heartbeat, and really can’t wrap my head around the logic buying into this but…..

I guess that’s what retail investors are for.

Buying at tops and selling at bottoms.

I’ve got a bit of swamp land in Southern Yucatan here in Mexico you might want to take a look at as well. The markets hot – it won’t be available for long.

Happily positioned “short risk” and only looking to add on any, ANY short term strength.



Selling At The Close? – So We'll See

The usual “Monday morning ramp job” on no news, and in fact “bad news” as far as the boys in Washington would be concerned. Let’s see if this get’s sold – particularly in the afternoon.

The referendum results in Easter Ukraine stand to suggest “overwhelming support” to indeed separate / seek independence  from the “Washington agenda” in Kiev. If you still don’t quite see the significance and importance of Ukraine from a geopolitical / economical / standpoint I’d do a little poking around and read up a bit. It’s all very interesting.

Washington’s plans to take the country – now thwarted, as the people of Eastern Ukraine have now made it very, very clear. No thanks Washington… can take your war mongering somewhere else.

The “long USD” trade suggested some days ago has been treating us very well, perhaps surprising a number of “non believers”, with thought in mind that USD is toast, and that “Russia and China” are currently “selling USD” as means to retaliate against sanctions.

Ridiculous. If Russia and/or China wanted to do anything to hurt The United States why not “buy USD” and sell Equities? Killing The U.S from both sides of the current “ponzi pond”.

Upward pressure in USD ( as we’ll be seeing over the medium term ) crushes The U.S Government under that huge pile of debt, slams interest rates higher, kills corporate borrowing and drives equity values lower.

I’m looking for significant moves higher in USD in the medium term.

Trades long USD obviously already in great shape here, with lots of room to run.

Gold and USD – Passing In The Night

With the expected move out of USD coming together over night, we’ve seen more than enough follow through here to confirm what was suggested yesterday.

Stocks won’t hang on here, and I expect the power of the U.S Dollar “repatriation trade” to flatten gold here as well.

For those of you “investor types” I imagine you’ve come this far so a couple more months ( and perhaps further drawdown ) as gold slides into “its final leg lower” likely won’t kill you.

However for those looking at gold,silver and the related mining stocks as a trade….unfortunately – I see lower prices – before higher.

This is no “small blip” as far as USD is concerned, likely marking a significant turn “not only in the currency” but “in all” that it affects.

So far only the European currencies have taken the initial hit, but it won’t be too long now til we see the Canadian Dollar, as well Australian and New Zealand follow suit, and I’m not talking about a trade here……I’m talking about a major shift over the medium and even long-term investment horizons.

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Next Week's Market Mover – Guaranteed

It’s now become clear me, what the “media” will sight as the “catalyst” next week – justifying the continued fall of U.S Equity prices.

Even with Putin’s suggestion to “delay” the referendum vote this weekend in Eastern Ukraine ( as Putin already know’s the people of Eastern Ukraine will vote to separate ), the people are moving “full steam ahead” with Sunday’s vote – right on track.

Once the people of Eastern Ukraine vote in favor of separating ( which undoubtedly they will ) this will then put tremendous pressure on Putin to then “step up and protect them”, as opposed to “quietly sitting on the sidelines” as he has thus far.

The dynamic of Eastern Ukraine voting to separate may actually “force” Putin to move forward into the area and “protect those citizens” who’ve will have then clearly pledged their allegiance to Mother Russia. Putin doesn’t want war, and has had absolutely “no intentions of invading Ukraine” even “suggesting” that they delay the vote.

The eager citizens of Eastern Ukraine ( passionate and enthusiastic to join Russia ) may inadvertently put their new leader in a precarious position.

On release of the news some time next week, you can bet your bottom dollar “Russia invades Ukraine” news plastered ‘cross American T.V screens coast to coast, where in reality Russians living in Eastern Ukraine will likely be the ones under attack by Washington’s “puppet army” from Kiev.

Leave the people of Eastern Ukraine alone “Obomba”, and watch these people make this decision for themselves.

Putin has absolutely “nothing” to do with it.

Stocks Up And USD Down – You Can't Have Both

This is what I’ve been getting at for some time – with respect to the never-ending “money printing” and “phony elevation” of U.S stock prices.

You can’t have high stock prices and a weak currency forever, as “at some point” the scales will tip back, and the currency will rise as assets priced in USD are sold.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too….or at least – not forever.

The Fed “needs” a weak dollar, in order to satisfy a number of its sinister plans.

  • A weak dollar helps “dramatically” when considering the amount of debt the U.S has. Paying out with “freshly minted funny money” has been quite a strategy indeed.
  • A weak dollar helps promote exports and encourages investors abroad to “buy U.S.A” cuz – with respect to your their own currency, everything looks cheap cheap!
  • A weak dollar translating into low-interest rates allows big corporations to “borrow cheap” ( too bad they then just go an invest the money in other countries though eh?)
  • Low interest rates force seniors ( who can’t make a return on savings ) into higher risk assets like the stock market, where they can then be completely and totally fleeced by the Fed’s big bankster buddies.
  • A weak dollar translates into inflated stock prices which deceives the general public believing  that “everything is ok” as long as the stock market remains elevated.

And  on and on and on and on and on…….

As of today….we are FINALLY seeing the inverse correlation of “a stronger USD and weaker stocks” start to take it well should!

A stronger US Dollar is a complete and total disaster for the U.S economy as along with it comes rising interest rates –  at a time where the U.S is already “practically” in recession.

The Fed has printed America into a deep deep corner as the ship finally starts to turn, with a rising dollar and falling equity prices finally putting the “fundamental balances” back in place.