Risk Off In AUD – JPY Moved Higher

As markets continue to “flirt” with a real move / turn – I’ve taken a couple additional trades over night.

Short AUD/JPY as well long GBP/AUD. Both well into profits with prior trades ( see previous post ) all moving even further into profit. ( The Insanity Trades are well…..insane.)

The Australian Dollar (AUD) is showing considerable weakness across the board, as our old friend the Japanese Yen (JPY) continues to move higher.

I’m pleased to report that fewer signals were offered last night, and that the latest tweaks to the Kongdicator has kept me out of sideways action in USD related pairs, while hitting home runs in others. This is the plan.

I won’t bore those who are here reading on macro market analysis / fundamentals much longer with this “technical stuff” a day longer – and appreciate those who have followed along so far.

Markets are “teetering” here – and it’s nuts out there. Trade safe, and we’ll get back to some “overview” during the weekend.

Anyone who isn’t already following on Twitter – I tend to post “real-time stuff” there, as opposed to putting out an additional blog post so….


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  1. GTFO September 27, 2013 / 7:13 am

    Nice Kong. You’ve nailed the AUD and JPY. You’re definitely playing this game on “expert” level. So, the inverse correlation between the USD and ES seems to have flipped the past three days and now we have them moving together. Any insight?

    • GTFO September 27, 2013 / 7:16 am

      Forgot to click the “notify” bottom to see your response. Is there any way to set i up to see all comments (not sure I really want to ask but am curious)?

      • Forex Kong September 27, 2013 / 7:28 am

        I believe you have the ability to “follow comments” as you can choose to follow the blog.

        Let me see if I can do it for you / edit your situation.

    • Forex Kong September 27, 2013 / 7:27 am

      I’d envisioned some time ago “a time when” – USD, U.S Equities as well as U.S Bonds would all sell off.

      Looking a lil “macro” and back to May in charts of “TLT” as well $DXY and “possibly now” SP500 ( and not getting all wrapped up in the day to day stuff ) this appears to be the case (short of equities rolling over).

      The damn day to day in USD vs “anything” has been very hard to nail down as yes you’ve got it – the correlation with equities has flip flopped several times during the past few months. When I say the market reaction to the “non Taper” I got what I needed to see.

      I’m suggesting that “risk off” will revert back to the ol classic USD up = Stocks down, and that we are currently seeing the “transition / juggle” over the past few days as USD seeks bottom.

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