Trade Alert! – Kongdicator Takes The Trade

The Kongdicator has obviously taken its signal as I’ve entered like “a million trades here” as of now including to start:

short: CAD/JPY

short: AUD/JPY

short: USD/JPY

long: EUR/USD

long: GBP/USD

long: EUR/NZD

long: EUR/AUD

There is no question that in the immediate “inverse” effect of a tanking U.S Dollar is a rising EUR, so that’s a given. GBP strength along side ( geographically speaking ) makes continued sense, and it’s hard to expect much out of the commod currencies as risk comes off.

USD/CAD still hovering but will likely make it’s move lower here as well.

JPY is a tough nut to crack, and I won’t be surprised to see it put up a larger fight but…..short term trades with a quick hand / ready to jump look to be worth a shot.

Kongdicator Trades – Updates And Info

I’ve had signals initiated to get short /ES ( SP500 futures) under 1685.00

With U.S data  on tap here in the next 30 minutes, I would obviously wait until “after the dust settles” to consider any type of entries – with increased volatility surrounding Thursday mornings news releases.

Current positions:

  • Entered short CAD/CHF on Sept 8 at 90.00
  • Entered long EUR/AUD ( Insanity Trade ) on Sept 9 at 1.43
  • Entered long EUR/NZD ( Insanity Trade 2 ) on Sept 19th at 1.6260
  • Entered short CAD/JPY at 10:51 a.m Sept 25 at 95.81

Looking forward:

There is no question that I’ll be getting entries in the following pairs within the next 6 hours, so ideally at any price level “higher” than we see as of this moment.

  • short AUD/JPY
  • short AUD/USD
  • short NZD/USD
  • short NZD/JPY

In general , we see the trades to reflect a “risk off” scenario , with strength to be seen in both USD as well JPY, and weakness in commodity currencies.

Now keep in mind….when entries are given, the buy/sell orders are places “x” number of pips above or below that value in order to be picked up ON MOMENTUM.

Have I ever had an instance where the entire set of orders is missed/ not picked up – and the market has moved considerably in the other direction? Maybe a couple of times – but that’s a good thing, as we look to catch MOMENTUM in our direction of choice.


More this afternoon, as trades in several other pairs ( including those with EUR as well GBP) look to materialize.


Kongdicator Alert! – Free Trade Signal

It’s really no suprise that “The Kongdicator” has now tripped, and will produce entry signals within the next 24 – 36 hours.

I’ve done some tweaking here over the past few weeks in that – I’ve been “a touch early” with the initiation of new trades recently, and want to get this dialed right in.

As the system is “forward looking” I plan to post / alert to the exact trades that the Kongdicator suggests in real time during the trading day tomorrow.

I will outline each specific pair, as well perhaps a couple of stocks / indexes ( as I run it on /ES SP 500 futures  as well) so that you can get a real look at some specific entry levels – and follow along with a couple of trades.

The Kongdicator always suggests / places trades “above / below” the signal as these trades are then picked up “if/when” momentum moves in their favor.

I hope to get some feedback on this ( hopefully constructive ) as we move closer to making the indicator available to all.

Across the board I have a number of currency pairs signalling a trade, but each with it’s specific time / price so……I’ll plan to tweet as well post several times if need be, so that we can get a look at this in real time.

Thanks everyone.


Kongdicator – Forex Kong's Trade Technology

The “Kongdicator” has been years in the making.

The Kongdicator is truly a thing of beauty, and a product of literally “1000’s of hours” logged staring into the dark soul of my “evil computer monitor”.

Computers have no compassion …..and will gladly steal your eyesight at a moment’s notice ( given half the chance) but NO!……not in this case – as we survive “unscathed” – Kongdicator in hand.

The Kongdicator Rules Forex Kong.

I am a fundamental trader at heart – looking to “ride the waves” as “planetary monetary policy” shifts and evolves. I look to long-term charts FIRST and then look to the Kongdicator to get me “in and out” on the short-term “ebb and flow”.

We’ve now proven it’s worth in equities markets as well – nailing the last several turns “literally to the day”.

We all need to improve on our trading. We all need a plan.

The Kongdicator “is” my plan.

It’s like this…..I’ve been working on this for years, and have always been taught / learned that  – “you need to stand up for what you believe – and never let anything stand in your way”. So……..there it is. I wouldn’t get so excited about it if I didn’t feel I could stand behind it.

Kongdicator coming your way – soon!