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I welcome your comments. Trolls and fans alike…….bring it on people. If you’ve got a gripe.

As I had mentioned some time ago, the “infrequency of posts” can be generally correlated to “how well I’m doing in markets” or more so in recent days – my complacency. Admittedly – complacent.

Why so Kong? You’ve always advocated vigilance and planning / observation as key elements to any trade plan. How’d you get so “chill” here these days? The world is crazy! What about Trump? Trump??




As much as the American’s have such terrible views of their current sitting President –  have you seen how markets are performing lately? Trump continues to confuse…..but the big boys / highest earners / tax bracket / big business / economic drivers are loving it!

And now another massive depreciation of the U.S Dollar to boot? Anyone in the “financial biz” in complete heaven!

The “short USD trade” now 5 days running……now swung high on a MONTHLY chart = doom / waterfall action in USD coming AGAIN here pronto.









Stars Align – U.S.D Crater Begins

When you zoom out and trade as “deep and wide” as I do……you don’t let the small squiggles get in the road of your larger “macro economic view”.

Mind you…..On occasion I love to get down in to the trenches as well…( short-term trading an hourly chart – something I call fun! ) but rarely as…..the short term trend works best when matched up with both the medium and the long.



In this case – Short U.S Dollar / Long Bitcoin.

Teetering on the edge….the precipice as it where. U.S D ( as suggested ) looking to fall off a cliff.

Little to add on a slow Wednesday, short of Thursday ( generally seen as a “news day” ) on deck – and likely larger moves in markets.

It’s still just early September.

The big boys / overall trading volume still quite low……I don’t expect “fireworks” for another week er so, when the USD slide becomes something “discussed” in the main stream media.

Keep in mind…..a weak dollar benefits Trump’s general plan / The Fed’s overall plan, and the only way forward for the incredible “recovery in the U.S”.

Stars align. Very little brain power needed.



Bitcoin – U.S Dollar and Gold Correlations

I harken back to the “good old days” trading forex when…..I’d get up at the crack of dawn ( now’a days even earlier ) pull up my charts and trade journal, review the dailies/weeklies, check the “news calendar” and get set for another day out on the playing field.

Glorious times. Truly glorious times. Times I will always associate with incredible freedom, excitement, and the ever satisfying / rewarding experience of being able to share my thoughts and experiences with you the readers as……….pulling apart and exposing the underbelly of financial markets (for those who perhaps needed a little “extra help”) was not only extremely gratifying – but somewhat of a passion.

Coming full circle, as things more often than not do……..I’m here yet  again, and oddly…..faced with similar circumstances / similar variables in an ever-changing financial eco system.

Oh yes……you know it. I’m talking about ( not only Bitcoin ) but “once again” – I’m talking about the good ol American Dollar.

The U.S Dollar is now headed “DECIDEDLY LOWER”.

And……if any of you have learned “anything” here over the years – What happens to assets “priced in U.S.D” when the dollar falls?? Yes! You’ve got it….assets such as gold and Bitcoin will rise as you need MORE DOLLARS to by them!

This is a monthly chart of USD:

USD To Fall Big Time

USD To Fall Big Time

You see the dark black line? Give or take a day / week ……give or take a few points higher ( who gives a shit ) this marks the serious “top of tops” in USD and a massive turning point in markets.

Guess which markets? Ya……Gold and commods sure…but perhaps more interestingly (and now in context) you may finally understand my recent “forray” into Crypto.

“As The U.S Dollar Falls – Both Gold And Bitcoin Will Rise in Tandem.”

It’s Forex 2.0 folks – just a tad more “futuristic”.

Quick charts on Bitcoin and likely Gold bottoms:

Bitcoin Bottom Around 6400.00

Bitcoin Bottom Around 6400.00

See the dark black line = bottom area.

Now Gold:

Gold Bottom Around 1200.00

Gold Bottom Around 1200.00


This isn’t a trade people…..this is a fundamental. Put it in your pocket as you continue to “question” the validity of crypto while “right in front of your faces” you’ll be watching the further depreciation of your “fiat / paper bullshit” along with it your purchasing power and more importantly – your freedom.




Bitcoin At $6400.00 – Your Opportunity Once Again

This has been a pretty brutal consolidation in Bitcoin and all crypto for the most part as – the entire crypto space currently rests on the shoulders of our beloved BTC. Once again $6400.00 ( identified months ago ) proves to be the line in the sand.

You get it right? As early adopters, a choice few have been able to recognize / distinguish the differences in one blockchain technology and the other – but for the most part ( with only a tiny fraction of the planet currently invested in crypto ) everyone and their three legged cat still thinks the entire thing is about Bitcoin.

Don’t get me wrong.

Bitcoin 5 Hour Chart - 6400.00

Bitcoin 5 Hour Chart – 6400.00

Bitcoin IS the backbone as it’s the “reserve cryptocurrency” of most of the largest crypto trading platforms ( meaning………you can’t FUND these accounts with fiat dollars….you must DEPOSIT BTC ) so all the trading pairs listed are listed with respect to their price “VS BTC”).

Like the old days of Forex…..when you would buy EUR/USD effectively saying Euro going up….USD going down. The largest crypto exchanges have all the other “Alt Coins” ( alternative coins ) priced vs BTC.

So you want to buy TRON ( TRX ).

You’ll first need to find a crypto wallet / service that allows you to convert your fiat currency ( US or Canadian Dollars ) TO Bitcoin……THEN USE BTC to purchase / trade the other pairs / coins.

The pairs look like this:





With billions in trading volume….these HUGE exchanges such as won’t just pack up and disappear, and bitcoin will serve as the “store of value” in the new digital economy as gold once did when there “was” a real economy.

Let’s see if she holds, and if the ol Kondicator ( my proprietary trade algo ) can soon be validated as the “Crypto” Kongdicator.

Have at it….I’m in the kitchen making tacos.



Bitcoin Retest Complete – Weak Hands Lose

Bitcoin popped down and retested 6400 area = DONE.

A blurb I ripped from some young punk / crypto trader who sounds like he’s equally been reading a little too much Kong.

Don’t Be A Crypto ‘Weak-Hand’, It’s What They Want…

The whole Crypto investor market is currently massively over-reacting to this SEC ETF delay and in general, losing their shit right now.

I’ve said for over a year now that in order for the proper ‘mooning’ to begin, a few jigsaw pieces need to be placed:

1.) Wallstreet (my general term for banks and institutional whales) need to get involved and that the major banks will start to buy out Crypto exchanges so that they have data/information feeds. DONE

2.) Before Wallstreet enter a new market like this, just like many commodity markets in the past, first they will create a Futures market. This way they can manipulate and suppress prices of Cryptos without owning any Cryptos as they can Naked Short the market. DONE

3.) Wallstreet will need custodial services because they really won’t want to mess about with wallets and private keys and the risk of being hacked. So they will want to store it somewhere fully insured. DONE

4.) Wallstreet will then bring about the first Bitcoin ETF so that hedge funds can play with the crypto space without actually buying any cryptos. ALMOST DONE.

The thing to remember here is that when a Bitcoin ETF is finally passed, that ETF company will have to actually go out and buy billions of Dollars worth of Bitcoin. And store it somewhere. And these boys won’t just buy it at market price. They will drive the price down so they get more Bitcoin for their buck. And then they will store it (fully insured) at a ‘Crypto Bank’ with custodial services. That’s what Coinbase is to Wallstreet. A retail exchange for the average Joe and a ‘Crypto Bank’ for the Whales.

So I’m not surprised at all we are having a last minute tree shake as they are just trying to scare away all the ‘weak hands’. I.e. Those currently pulling their hair out, checking coinmarketcap every 10 minutes and questioning whether Cryptos will ever get back to all time highs. DON’T BE A WEAK HAND.

These big boys control the media message and flow and being sucker-punched into selling your Cryptos is exactly what they want.

All of the pieces are almost in place now for the next fractal surge up. The second the Bitcoin ETF is approved I bet my bottom NEO that the ETH ETF won’t be far behind. And then the options market won’t be far behind that. That will attract more traders. Then the derivatives floodgates won’t be far behind and then there will be LEVERAGE! After a couple years of easy public accessible LEVERAGE, that is when you need to start worrying about getting out of Cryptos. By then your pension fund will no doubt have a small Crypto allocation.

With a property you have leverage and can buy a house 10 times more than you can afford. With equities you can buy and sell 2-5 times more stock than you can afford. Right now, the public cannot easily amplify their holdings. This is a MAJOR reason why we are NO WHERE NEAR PEAK BUBBLE.

In 2007 the average stripper in Florida owned 7 apartments. That’s how silly leverage got in the housing market. Right now I doubt even 1% of strippers own any Cryptos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that most participants in this market right now are in pain. Many are probably 60-90% down on their portfolios and the strategy of HODLing isn’t sitting too well with the more impatient speculators.


I also know many people who made 6 figures profit in 2017 and are now only sitting on 4 or 5 figures profit. Hell, I traded my $25k portfolio up from $25k to $1m in a 4 month period. I took a couple hundred grand off the table to divest back into my businesses to create some real cashflowing income streams, so sat here right now it’s looking vastly diminished in the low 6 figures. BUT through exiting the market for most of the Bitcoin crash and dancing in and out a few times, I’ve actually got over double the amount of tokens than I originally had. Even though I extracted some profits. Regardless, there’s lots of soured & bitter people around right now.

Many are blaming others, but ultimately, as an Investor, YOU are responsible for your portfolio. Many jumped in with way more than Risk Capital. Some have left the market completely, which is a good thing in my opinion. The get-rich-quick ‘WHEN MOONers?’ aren’t good for this market.

They repel the more level-headed investors which in turn slightly extends the time it takes for this industry to go mainstream. Most of them are investors who have never invested before and Cryptos are their very first investment. Which is why so many people are being duped into the most basic of scams like One Coin, Das Coin, Bitconnect and USI Tech. So it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for them. They got caught up in the hype of ‘Bitcoin to $1m in 1 or 2 years time’ and now it’s free-falling past $7000. This is actually the BEST investing lesson they will ever learn. IF they heed and learn from this…

So if you’re in Cryptos you NEEEEEED to be in for the RIGHT reasons:

1.)You’re in for the short/medium term (until the proper bubble pop) when the public come rushing in en masse. This won’t happen until the ‘Early Majority’ (of the Adoption cycle) comes in, Cryptos are as easy as online banking, there is an established naming service just like websites have URLs AND there is LEVERAGE so your waster mate Dave down the pub can re-mortgage his house and also amplify his Bitcoin holdings.

2.) You’re in Cryptos with no more than RISK CAPITAL. That means you won’t lose your shit or feel suicidal whenever the market does its annual 30-70% drawdown.

3.) You’re INFORMED! You know it’s going to be an extremely erratic market for at least the next 10 years and that there will be an endless string of scandals, events and sensationalised news announcements.

4.) You’re aware that this is a short term highly speculative bubble which will most likely pop at some point. So you’re playing the Greater Fools game here and then the long term BUY, HOLD and NEVER sell game once this market matures. Just like hoovering up the Blue Chip stocks that were still operational after the Tech Bubble fallout. Stocks like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM etc.

5.) By being informed you can retain THE BIGGER PICTURE. Which is all of the above, and that whether you got into BTC at $19k or $10k, will be relatively insignificant compared to the sheer potential Bitcoin and the rest of the market could grow to. Amazon is now $1900 per share. I’m pretty sure you’d be happy if you bought in at $20 or $50 per share. Hell, even $200 is cheap.

Bitcoin IS The New Gold – Next Stop 10k = EASY

The bottoming at / around 6400.0 USD ( give or take like 500 bucks in either direction ) confirms it.

Flat out…..Kong laying it out there? I don’t imagine we’ll EVER see this level / price again “pending” one more retest / rinse ( it might only take half a second ) then……..BAM.

10k USD next stop.

Kong says buy BTC

Kong says buy BTC

Then……once the “big round number” passes……I don’t imagine the need to “ever” re test where buyers can be found. Today’s action unto itself suggesting that this thing is bullet proof / buyers galore at these levels. These levels being “cheap as shit” if you wrap your head around what we are witnessing.

Game changing technology. Financial systems on their ear. Power to the people and all that jazz….yes..oh yes – this is happening. It’s happening right now.

The wash out is complete.

The early adopters have had their dreams realized. The early “speculators” have taken their profits and are headed my way. Now……Wall St. has been given their opportunity to “hit the reset button” and get their money into the crypto game. Now complete.

It’s simple.

Buy like a mofo and ignore the day to day volatility “long enough” to get into profit – but don’t wait too long.

7800.00 suuuuuure beats 10,500 USD entry.

If you don’t have 7800.00 bucks ( why are you reading here? ) no no…….check the symbol “GBTC” and compare the charts. You can essentially own / trade Bitcoin for as little as 15 – 17 bucks a share so…..get at it!










Blockchain Into The Close = Bottom Baby!

Any of you dorks ( not my beloved / avid readers of course ! ) notice the BUY in blockchain related names into the close, and in turn….the entire cryptocurrency market?

Thought not.

Here in lies the problem.

The market and it’s bonehead participant ( yes that’s you! ) don’t have the brain matter to differentiate / distinguish the difference between a “blockchain company” and a freaking cryptocurrency.

This entire sector ( as diverse as it is ) continues to trade as if a blockchain mining company ( soon to be de-listed / go belly up, with 5 warehouses full of beat up old computer hardware ) and a cryptocurrency ( tron or bitcoin for example ) are essentially the same.

Dumb = wrong.

How bout companies such as (BIGG) – Big Blockchain Intelligence Group ( UP 28% today alone! ) – who are currently doing some “seriously cutting edge blockchain development” in both the financial and law enforcement arena? You don’t think this is the bottom/rinse of the speculators? You don’t think this suggests “buy time”?

Dumb = wrong.

BIGG - Bottom is in Baby!

BIGG – Bottom is in Baby!


The bottom is in, so now its up to you…… Bitcoin, buy blockchain…..screw gold? ( please…..crypto IS the new gold! )

You got the nuts to get out there and take advantage?

Thought not.






Cryptos Bottom Today – Buy Tron and Bitcoin

I’m going to give you something valuable here today  – considering how rarely I post these days.

The infrequency of posts here at Kong can “always be correlated” to the “amount of money I’m making”.

Let me explain……

Understanding Cycles

Everything is cyclical. Everything. You live you die… reshape/transform – then giver another go. Humans are cyclical thusly……markets are cyclical. Ah yes… the markets……what better way to watch human beings in “real-time” making the simple decisions of the day. Buy….I sell….I hold…..all there, each and every day in the form of a simple candle stick stock chart. Data. Humans making decisions.


The Cryptocurrency markets are currently working on a 52 day cycle. Today / tomorrow will represent the current “bottom” of the previous cycle…and the “beginning” of a new daily cycle.

52 days.

Here’s a weekly chart ( NOTE! We did not break the low of early April )

BTC Weekly

BTC Weekly


Now zoom into the daily chart and start counting since the previous low:

BTC Daily

BTC Daily

I’ve got about 32 days UP……then a full 20 er so days DOWN. But still….A HIGHER LOW!

So……if you’re smart – you buy today……and if you fancy yourself a “trader” well…….you start looking to book profits approx 30 trading days from now.

Me? I’m so deep into crypto / in the money – I may very well be one of those that never sells…short of needing a lil’ cash for beers and the odd fishing trip. All good here.



Buy The Dip – Next Week Rips Higher

It’s been a real tricky one here folks. The pullback…..the volatility in general but….

For those of you with dry powder, the daily cycle has now most certainly confirmed a “new daily cycle” ( as of Wednesday ) so…..I’d be a buyer here this morning – seeing markets down pre-market could be a nice little opportunity.

Don’t let the jobs data phase you. It’s the same bullshit / phoney baloney U.S economic recovery we’ve been hearing about for what – years now? Don’t let the data get in your way – just buy stocks here “again” and keep a watchful eye on the highs.

american gorilla

                                                          american gorilla buys the dip

Stock Market Bottom – Extended Crypto Cycles

Ok ok…don’t get too excited all right? Please….

You as a stock trader / investor obviously………looking for some kind of direction / light at the end of the tunnel / idea of the future / means to make a decision. Fair enough.

As suggested earlier –  the volatility ( in my view ) certainly indication of something larger…..something looming…something ominous.. something – unknown.

Something you just can’t put your finger on  ( or more likely – “are unwilling to do so” ) as “you” as well  – see it so clearly.

Something’s not right. You know it. Your gut knows it. I know you know it. You know that I know – you know it. Son of a bitch ‘eh?

cryptos ready to go

            cryptos ready to go

Simply put. I see the daily cycle in both stocks as well cryptos as being “extremely stretched” ( some 50 days now ) with thought in mind that……as the algo’s change ( from buy to sell ) the bumps in the road get larger….the time between cycles get wider….”everything” starts pushing you to the limits of your psychological ability to “hang in there” and keep trading / soldiering on.

We will now push to new highs ( or very, very close ) in equities……and cryptos will rebound.

It will be at this point ( near the all time highs in equities ) that I challenge your psychological being once again……

Consider equities topping out at this point ( near new highs / possibly a notch higher ) then some incredible instance where billions fall out of equities markets, only to land on every coin / crypto they possibly can at rock bottom prices.

Sector rotation? Can you consider cryptocurrencies a sector yet? ( 300 billion dollar market cap at present..hmmmm….) Guess it’s just a fad.

Tulips baby….cryptotulips.