The Nikkei Has Topped – Months Ago

As most of you already know, I follow The Japanese Nikkei more closely than American Markets as its my firm belief that we will see larger scale moves reflected their first.

The Nikkei has been trading completely flat for a whopping 16 weeks now ( 4 months flat as a pancake ) at levels that are starting to suggest that “a lower high has already been made” on a larger scale time frame.

Let me show you.

Here is the “weekly” chart of The Nikkei clearly showing the 16 weeks of flat/range trading which, unto itself isn’t really that big a deal.

Nikkei Trading Flat For Weeks

Nikkei Trading Flat For Weeks

Now if we “zoom out” even further things start to look a bit more interesting as we start to put this “congestion zone” into perspective.

Here is the “monthly” chart of The Nikkei.

Nikkei Monthly Chart

Nikkei Monthly Chart

It’s my feelings that The Nikkei actually topped “mid 2015” and that we’ve spent the entire last year and a half in “distribution mode” – with respect to the continued pump in U.S Equity prices. Japan’s stock market has been unable to share in the Kool-aide drinking, as cheaply printed Yen has flooded over to America, been converted to USD and used to buy stocks.

This is why you see the incredible correlation with U.S stocks and the currency pair USD/JPY ( bet you where wondering about that! ) as the pair rises when stocks are purchased and falls as stocks are sold.

I don’t see The Nikkei reaching for new highs but rather (and more likely) breaking thru support and moving along to create a very large / significant “lower high” on a monthly time frame. Things could get quite ugly from there.

This does not bode well for the “risk on trade”.

Tomorrow’s Trade – BOJ And Fed On Deck

Blah, blah blah……as once again The U.S Fed and Bank Of Japan keep markets on their toes.

Tomorrow we “should” hear from both, which sets up a pretty tricky scenario if you are thinking about placing any trades prior to the announcements. That’s not how I roll, although…….I am still holding every single trade entered like – 10 days ago.

Conviction is great, as I am 100% certain that The U.S Fed will not be raising interest rates this close to the election but we can never EVER count on The Bank Of Japan to do what we expect. In fact…there have been several times in the past where The BOJ has surprised markets –  big time.

You are aware that the BOJ and The U.S Fed have been working together on this “propped up market” for years now right? Taking turns cranking up the printing presses as to keep these fake dollars / yen rolling into markets? 

BOJ takes the next kick at the can

BOJ takes the next kick at the can

This coordinated effort is widely known….yet poorly understood.

It would not shock me in the slightest to hear Japan “beefing up” its easing and money printing efforts in order to keep the balls in the air a while longer as…..Japan is deep DEEP in The Fed’s pocket.

If Japan pulls the trigger ( allowing The U.S off the hook ) expect markets to rally…..otherwise…we continue flat across the top. Flat across the top until the elections are out of the way…then down.

Further currency trading prior to tomorrow’s announcements is plain stupid.

Sit tight….wait and see what shakes out.


Japan Enters Recession – Stocks At The Highs

It sounds completely and totally ridiculous doesn’t it?

Japan has now “officially” entered recession – last night posting it’s second straight quarter of negative GDP growth, while Japanese stock hang near 5 year highs.

You must see the hypocracy in it all.

You understand that Japan’s QE program has been “triple that of The U.S Fed” over the past year, and just last week was increased “even further” with The BOJ now buying 100% of newly issued bonds. Not just “a few of the bonds issued” – but every single one.

This literally equates to Japan sitting in their basement with some fancy printers and xerox machines and “point-blank” printing / counterfeiting Yen all day “every day”to pay off their debts. No different “in any capacity” to a petty criminal organization doing the exact same thing ( counterfeiting and passing artificial money ) – although obviously….risking years in the slammer.

If it where you or I – we’d be tracked down, handcuffed and whisked away to a maximum security federal prison – never to see the light of day again. You can’t just “print fake money”!

Now get this…..Japan raised it’s sales tax from 5% to 8% back in April, and there have been plans in the works to “further raise the sales tax” to 10% early next year! ( Although in light of the current economic disaster they “might” put this on hold). Can you see where I’m going with this?

If that doesn’t amount to “slavery” I don’t know what does.

Imagine yourself heading for the grocery store tomorrow, and seeing a 23% increase in the price of goods ( as your currency has been so dramatically devalued ) then “on top of that” and additional 3 to 5% increase in the tax!

Where you suddenly offered a 25% increase in your salary? Had you recently planted a small grove of “money trees” in your back yard just to stay afloat?

Where are all the new parks / bridges / roads and infrastructure that you “assume” your tax dollars go to ? Where are all the benefits to citizens ( as I know for a fact the people of a country such as Canada “expect” when taxes rise )?

How can the common man “not” see this as essentially being enslaved? You go to work for the same old pay, with rapidly devaluing currency in your hand – in an environment where taxes are going up!

You don’t work for yourself – you work for the bank!

There is no possible way the average person ( in an economic climate of “slowing global growth” ) stands a fighting chance. You used to live in a house, now you and your family live in a one bedroom apartment.

You used to eat the occasional bit of chicken or steak – but it’s “all rice” now.

QE is a complete and total disaster for the people of Japan, and unfortunately the same rings true for those of The United States.

Japan has thrown “everything but the kitchen sink” into devaluing their currency ( as The U.S is also attempting to do ) and has now “brilliantly” entered recession.

Get ready for “QE 4, 5 and 6” coming soon to The U.S – and get ready to start buying rice in bulk.

Japanese Tsunami – Big Waves On The Horizon

The idea that “the entire planet” is racing into The U.S Dollar as well U.S Equities, in the face of “waning global appetite for risk” is ridiculous. Investors don’t “seek shelter” in Twitter or Facebook – you can guarantee that.

The European stock markets (The London $FTSE as well German $DAX ) have already rolled over, putting in a solid series of lower lows and lower highs – with the Canadian $TSX following suit.

It’s obvious only a few days later, that the BOJ announcement of “even more QE” has done absolutely nothing in a “global sense” as it’s effects can only be seen via the currency pair USD/JPY and the continued “buoyancy” of U.S Stocks.

Even The Nikkei itself has given back a full – 530 points overnight – taking a nice “chunk” out of the massive spike of the two days prior.

The BOJ’s move is looking more like a “preemptive strike” as opposed to something spurring global investors to “jump back on the risk train” – and it only makes sense really.

If Japan sees a Tsunami of cheaply borrowed Yen rolling in from The Pacific, wouldn’t it make sense to get the currency as low as they possibly can “prior”? Buying themselves a little more time and space before the economy is crushed like sushi roll underfoot?

Back in the day ( before the roll out of this massive QE campaign ) Japan would openly intervene directly in currency markets with hopes of keeping The Yen at bay, and time and time again the market would “slam it right back in their face” reversing the entire move – usually within the same 24 hour period.

Perhaps this time will be no different as Japan’s QE initiative will look like a “tiny water pistol” compared to the Tsunami ( unwinding of The Carry Trade ) gathering speed in the distance.

Small trades will come and go. Winners and losers alike, but “the big trades” come in “big waves” – and that’s where the money is at.


Worlds Largest Pension Fund – Buying Japanese Stocks

The Nikkei has just moved 340 points higher on rumour that Yasuhisa Shiozaki ( who has been advocating for the GPIF to reduce allocation to domestic bonds ), may be appointed the Health Minister ( so what? ) when Abe announces his new cabinet tomorrow.

The GPIF ( The Government Investment Pension Fund ) The world’s largest pension fund ( yes a Japanese fund not American ) is expected to increase purchase of Japanese shares to 20 percent of holdings and reduce domestic bonds to 40 percent.

With the market way ahead of itself here it’s the actual “timing” of said purchases that is still unknown. The fund would need to buy an additional 3.5 trillion yen of domestic stocks to reach the 20 percent target, so the “span of time these purchases would be made over” is key. The fund will announce its new asset allocations in the fall – according to GPIF investment committee chairman Yasuhiro Yonezawa.

Both Gold and the Japanese Yen got absolutely demolished overnight, with fear “once again abated” having the largest pension fund on the planet now suggest it’s ready to “step it up” in support of the ponzi we’ve all come to love.

This comes as tough news for Kong as I’ve been trying to “get long JPY” on the inevitable turn, so it remains to be seen if this will manifest as a simple “spike” or develop into something larger. My initial thoughts are “nothing can save Japan” and that this only goes further to affirm the complete and total desperation currently sweeping the land of the sinking sun.

Regardless – one has to respect that a player as large as The GPIF most certainly has the ability to “ruin your day” should they decide to go all in.

Markets Set To Roll Over – All Things Say Yes

We are very close here folks.

Aside from the currencies, nearly every other thing I track / read / research suggests that this may not only be a strong area for “correction” – but the start of something much larger.

There has rarely ( if ever ) been a time in history when as many separate indicators / charts / graphs and info has been “this skewed” to suggest such divergence and risk of serious “downside action in global appetite for risk”.

Considering the current geopolitical backdrop and with U.S Equities still “clinging” to the highs, personally – I don’t see a blow off top scenario. To whatever degree that retail investors have “taken the bait” over the past 7 months….I believe they are “already in”.

The situation with Ukraine really only being the tip of the iceberg now as Putin’s “Gazprom” now announces “massive oil deal with China” again…bypassing the U.S Dollar in trade. These are tremendous blows to the U.S system, and make clear The U.S “true intension” in Eastern Europe.

They must save the U.S Dollar as world reserve currency – and will stage a war to do so.

The Nikkei rolled over a couple of days ago, USD looks set to plunge along with equities, and the entire currency market has more or less moved “risk off”, with USD/JPY “not breaking out”, falling back into range and expected to fall further.

The real-time trades in currencies, gold and silver as well U.S Equities, weekly reporting and daily commentary  can be found at the members site: Forex Trading With Kong.

USD/JPY – This Market "IS" USD/JPY

Some snippets from conversation on the currency pair USD/JPY from the Members Site, as I see it as valuable information for all.

**Watch it trade along side risk here as……USD/JPY has only managed to make it “back to the top of it’s range” while the SP 500 as well Nikkei have rallied to complete a total retracement of the move lower last week.

If that’s the best USD/JPY can do….”now” with markets back near the all time highs….you’ve got to question what it’s got left in it.**


**USD and JPY both represent the two “base currencies” currently being printed at alarming rates.

These are considered “funding currencies” as money is borrowed on the cheap…and in turn “invested” in assets ( U.S Stocks for example ) where “yield can be found”.The comparison of the two throws many for a loop….and as a currency pair it’s a tough nut to crack without broader understanding. The last piece of this puzzle rests with JPY.

As risk comes off ( I don’t care if it’s tomorrow…but in general ) all those investments “funded” by cheap JPY bust…..and the money flows back home.

Like a tidal wave….all the “free money” suddenly comes out of “all easy assets funded by it” – and comes racing back to it’s place of origin.**


**Nothing can stand in the way of this as the trade is “so massive” that it’s movement overtakes / over shadows all other movements in markets. U.S Bonds are sold, U.S stocks are sold, Australian and NZD Dollars are sold….EVERYTHING funded by cheaply printed JPY is sold as the elastic band “snaps back” and JPY is repatriated back home. The BOJ has printed , devalued , intervened MANY times before this ( although not on such a desperate scale ) and every single time…..I’m talking EVERY SINGLE TIME – the same result.

It doesn’t work….it won’t work this time.

Only thing is…..with such desperation – it’s already gone on far longer than one would imagine…..hence.

The disaster / BANG we’ll eventually see when she “once again”….does what she always does.**


**USD/JPY “IS” the market ( as per my entire trading thesis since you’ve followed ).

Seeing it “top out” back in January “WAS” the top of the market and this entire summer has merely been “retail distribution” as the big boys ( and myself of course ) plot our way towards the next “real move”. Watching USD/JPY fall thru 101.20 will mark ” the beginning of the end ” in global risk… ALL THINGS will follow suit.

A valuable observation / consideration for one to take forward.**

Obviously much more info available in at the members site, should you be so inclined to “broaden your horizons”.

The Countdown Begins – Greed Finds Its End

Well this is it people – the countdown begins.

You can count yourself as lucky – no…..”very lucky” as to have some idea where / when the merry-go-round stops spinning – this being the “final turn” before the party ends.

We’re down to a matter of weeks now – if not days.

I don’t generally speculate on such short-term movements, but with respect to “this one” having such significance to the longer term / larger trend – I feel it’s reasonable to put something out there.

Let’s give it a full two weeks, 14 days ( give or take a day here and there )  before anyone “greedy enough” to still find themselves “hanging around” – finds themselves wishing they’d taken note.

This will mark the “final surge” in global appetite for risk, and the final push towards the highs, before the historical repetition of the typical “boom and bust cycle” takes effect once again.

The Fed meeting at Jackson Hole ( scheduled for Aug 21st ) will undoubtedly be the trigger, as Yellen suggests “for the very first time” that indeed it’s time for “risk takers” to exercise caution, or to be blunt – get the hell outta the way as fast as they possibly can.

In a matter of weeks “nay-sayers” will be left holding the bag, giving each and every one of you ample time to act accordingly – if you do so choose.

Currency markets have already made the transition ( with commodity related currencies smashed as of late ) as they will always lead, with safe havens catching the bid – suggesting the turn is already well underway.

You don’t want to be the last one out the door, and their will be ample trading opportunities on the “other side of the mountain” if you can just manage to discipline yourself to “get out of this while you can” and not get caught holding.

The countdown has begun.

Best of luck to all of you.



Fukushima Exposed – Tuna With Two Heads

After years of obfuscation and, simply put, lies; TEPCO has admitted in a new report that more nuclear fuel had melted at the Fukushima nuclear reactor than previously stated. While this is dreadful news, it gets worse, as the report further confirms that despite Abe’s promises and TEPCO’s state-funded efforts to build ice-walls, it may miss an important deadline binding it to clean radioactive water stored inside the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Bloomberg reports officials commenting “we are doing everything we can do,” but it appears, that is not enough as tens of thousands of tons of toxic water are expected to remain at the site by the imposed deadline.

Get the rest of the story here or “oh I dunno” maybe start looking ito the “reality of this disaster” yourself.

You still haven’t got short Japan? EWJ ( as suggested a couple days ago ) clearly moving lower.

More here.

Goldman Now Warns – Japan To Implode

A little late Goldman as I’ve been onto this for some time now – right?

As many of you know I’ve been “following the hot money” out of Japan over the past several months, as well been keeping a close eye on the Japanese Stock Market “The Nikkei”.

I can only imagine that for many of you, likely absorbed in the daily coverage of things far closer to home ( such as the SP 500 or DOW ) this may appear somewhat “uninteresting” or even “un-applicable” to your current/future trading and investment interests, but encourage you to stick with it long enough to see this through.

Perhaps the recent and “sudden” drop in U.S Equities ( erasing the past 2 months gains in a single 48 hour period ) may have done a better job in “captivating your attention”, as I’ve always suggested that “we’ll see the cracks in Japan first” and that U.S Equities are generally…..always the last to go.

We’ve now seen the very best that The Bank of Japan can do with respect to keeping their own stock market propped up as long as they can, employing the exact same techniques as The Federal Reserve – only on a much larger scale. As The Fed has continued with its tapering and is very close to “shutting off the tap altogether” ( down to only 25 billion per month ) Japan’s QE program has been blistering forward at an alarming pace and has contributed considerably to the recent rally in U.S Stocks – as money floods over seas in search of yield.

This just out from Goldman Sacks:

Goldman Warns Of 6.5% Japanese GDP Collapse – Worst Since Lehman

The greater-than-expected weakness in the consumption snapback signals significant downside risk to our forecast of 4.6% decline for Q2 real GDP (sequential annualized). While we expect lower imports, higher inventories, and other factors to support GDP to some extent, we see negative real GDP growth of around -6.5% as likely, based on the data currently available.

The data is set for release on August 13th.

Japan is headed for economic collapse, and for those of us interested in “taking this seriously” ( keeping in mind that Japan led the market crash of 2007/8 by 6 months ) a miriad of trade opportunities will soon be upon us.

For stock traders again…..a quick look at EWJ – The Japanese Index Fund ETF.



I can understand how hearing it from an “anonymous gorilla over the internet” may not be enough to get you outside your comfort zone fair….. but Goldman now too?

Japan led the charge lower in 2007 / 2008 and from everything I track / follow I see that this time – things will be no different.

Come check out how we are trading it ( and profiting from it ) in our Members Services Area.

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