Be Thankful You Trade – Merry Ho Ho Ho!

It’s funny – how completely “obvious” so much of this appears when you’re looking in the rear view mirror. In retrospect you can pull up any number of charts, asset classes etc….then “layer in” the seasonal aspects (with Christmas now in full swing) add a sprinkle of “news” and a dash of some “good data” and there you have it.

Uncanny.Complete and total bliss.Right on cue.

Literally. Right down to the second on a lazy Friday morning, days before Santa comes to town – the news is good, the data is good, the stock market is higher – and you’re feeling pretty damn good about everything.

And so you should.

Considering the amount of poverty and hardship in the world today ( considering the things “I see” everyday ) we should all be so lucky, as to have what we have…..however temporary.

  • We’ve got the Nikkei double top at 16,000.
  • We’ve got “gold double bottom” at 1179.00/1199.00
  • We’ve got U.S equities at all time highs.
  • We’ve got the last remaining days of 2013.

We’ve got USD rolling over and “back in the red”. Huh? – Kong…..again do you know something we don’t?

As if it was almost choreographed to the second, a number of these correlations and levels appear absolutely “blatant” – when looking backwards. Why didn’t I wait for the retest in gold? Now I see Nikkei double top area as resistance…..Damn I forgot about seasonality….etc…etc…

In any case… always looks easy when we’re looking in the rear view mirror.

I wish all of you the very best this Christmas season, and encourage you to take advantage of every single minute with family and friends.

Despite the up’s n downs of financial markets we can’t lose sight of the fact that – “it’s a game…..that we the fortunate – have the privilege of playing”.

Be thankful.



Trade Questions Answered – Where To Now?

I guess it makes sense to quickly pull this apart, break it down and get squared on where I’m heading next, as the Fed’s tapering announcement yesterday has certainly raised some questions.

It’s obviously still a bit early to be making any “rash decisions” (as a single day of market movement is that and only that) but it is interesting to take a quick look at how a number of asset classes have “initially reacted” to the news.

Gold has been crushed, moving lower a full 30 bucks.

  • But wouldn’t “tapering” be viewed as “less stimulus for markets”? Shouldn’t gold have shot for the moon on the news?

U.S stocks shoot higher, as Dow gains 300 points.

  • But isn’t the idea of “tapering” going to lead to higher interest rates? Shouldn’t stocks be falling as the Fed pulls back on its POMO and market liquidity injections?

The U.S Dollar has moved higher, but is still well under strong areas of resistance. The U.S Dollar has stalled already.

  • But shouldn’t the U.S Dollar “break out” on news of “tapering”? Isn’t the idea of “tapering” supposed to be good for the currency?

Bonds as seen via TLT haven’t even budged. U.S Bonds are still very much under pressure as selling continues.

The media spin is clear – that the U.S is indeed “rebounding” and that the recovery is well under way. This now “confirmed” via the Fed’s decision to taper. The Fed was doing the right thing while adding stimulus, and now will be perceived as doing the right thing in pulling back right?

The puppet show continues, as for the most part “none” of the above “initial reactions” made any immediate sense. It’s unfortunate having things pushed back a day or two but as it stands……everything is “still” very much on track.

I’m expecting to see the U.S Dollar roll over here quickly – (early next week) and will continue with the same framework I’ve been working within these past several months. The Nikkei hit my 16,000 mark for a second last night as well so…..that too will provide some valuable information moving forward.

Sitting out yesterday in near 100% cash was one of the single best trade decisions I’ve made in the past few months, now allowing me to deploy “big guns” at an instance – when “real opportunity” presents itself.

You where warned. You may have gambled. You likely lost.


Post Fed Scrum – Kudos To Readers Of Kong

Talk about a twist.

Ben hand’s off the bag to Yellen “with” a proposed “tapering”, and seals his legacy as one of the smoothest Central Bankers ever to have walked the Earth – or at least in the public eye.

I wonder what he’s gonna do with the next 20 years of his life? as it will likely be “more interesting to follow” than these last five.

You’d have to have rocks tumbling around in your head if you think that 85 billion is “all” the Fed’s been throwing at markets per month. I imagine it’s more like 150 billion or more as….the bond market is just too large to consider 85 billions per month having much affect.

Post announcement TLT is still sliding, and the U.S Dollar can’t even break even so……the big boys positions remain the same. MY POSITION REMAINS THE SAME.

The “effect” has merely been “the idea” (in traders / investors minds) that “they will never let the market fall”. If it took a number of 85 billion per month or 850 billion for that matter – it doesn’t really matter as the numbers manifest solely as “tiny computer entries” within a small group of friends.

A big “congrats” goes out to our beloved “Deano” for not only hitting the “tapering” right on the money….but also for “serving it up” like a true gentleman. If Deano owned a restaurant – I would eat there often.

For me? Another day of trading, and another day FULL of opportunities. Nikkei popping to 16,000 and USD certainly “not” moving higher on the news………..

USD “not” moving higher on the taper news??…..Hmm………..that’s a bit odd don’t you think?

You’ve been practicing, following along….learning the correlations etc…

Would you not have thought USD would “skyrocket” on taper news?

Hazard a guess as to why not?



Trade The Risk Event – Sitting On Hands

As much as I hate reminding you, the Fed meeting runs through today – with announcements expected tomorrow so…….you know what means.

Risk event ahead – as the statement will be released Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Obviously these Fed announcements are what the market’s hinges on these days, as the possibility always exists ( as the Fed has proven in the past ) that they “might” say or do something shocking. Tomorrow’s announcements may provide clearer language on “tapering” – but I doubt it. I’m going to assume they move forward with the continued stance that “tapering will remain data driven”.

The debate is pointless, but what is important is how you choose to position yourself prior too, and then of course “after” the news is out.

From a technical perspective “risk” could easily make one more “little jump higher”, as equities still look “alive” all be it exhausted, the U.S Dollar still appears to be trapped in its downward spiral.

I would look to “sell” any possible “uptick” USD takes tomorrow ( if any at all ) PENDING they don’t announce a tapering, as this should just keep USD steadily on its way to the basement.

“If” by some wild stroke of insanity – they “do announce tapering”, it will require more than just a couple of hours tomorrow, to get an idea of what markets will do with that, and I would suggest to anyone looking to trade it……..let things settle out / calm down BIG TIME before even thinking about entering.

I’m back from a short ( but wonderful ) holiday and ready to go here again. I’ve got a few tiny irons still in the fire, but am for the most part – sitting in cash. As much as one would love to “get in there” and take advantage of “whatever pans out tomorrow” the responsible thing to do is to wait.

Wait I shall.

Space Race Heating Up – China Makes A Move

Now becoming the third nation to “soft-land” a spacecraft on the moon, China’s Chang’e 3 – (the first visitor from earth for over 35 years) – touched down safely on the surface today carrying with it “Jade Rabbit”, a small lunar rover that will soon begin exploration of the lunar surface.

“Jade Rabbit” is named for a pet belonging to “Chang’e” the goddess of the moon in Chinese legend. It is expected to transmit information back to earth for several months

This is a gigantic leap forward for China’s space exploration program, and a huge source of national pride.

Meanwhile, Indian scientists are racing to put together a cut-price Mars mission in just 15 months. The Indian Mars probe, dubbed “Mangalyaan,” successfully left earth orbit two weeks ago, in a critical maneuver that put it on course to reach the Red Planet next September.

Iran recently launched and safely returned to Earth its “second” live monkey, while not quite as flashy as “Jade Rabbit” –  a significant step forward none the less.

I’ve been “muttering on” about this for some time now, and studying it for much longer as “future advances in space” trump my interests in financial markets. In particular I’ve been anxiously awaiting advances out of China, assuming long ago that when indeed they did finally get their “ducks in a line” – look out! As I’ve been expecting some incredible things.

These are very exciting times we live in, and with technology moving so quickly I’m extremely confident we’ll have our “minds’ blown”  more than a couple of times in the not so distant future.

Let’s hope these “rovers” can manage to stay out of each others way, as we’d hate to see an “international traffic accident”.

Fun stuff on a lazy weekend.


Traders Paradise – Tulum – USD To Fall

Don’t worry yourself for a second. The US Dollar will make a small counter trend move here  ( or may already have ) before falling further,as we all know that nothing moves in a straight line for “too long”.

You’ll have to understand….there are millions of “dollar bulls” out there, lapping up the nonsense about “tapering”, falling all over themselves to “get long the dollar” before the “big announcement” on the 17th so…when you see “an occasional green candle” in anything “USD related” – you know these people are trying…”again”.

Meanwhile – I will be taking a holiday this weekend at the mystical ruins of “Tulum” so…eat your heart out dollar bulls.



Tulum is an absolutely amazing place, as the Maya sure knew where to build their temples. You can wander the ruins a while, head down to the beach for a swim, then hit the little beach town for a bite. The iguana’s here are massive, such that one particular “ruins resident” has aptly been named “Tyson” after the boxer Mike Tyson.

I have little concern about the markets moving forward, and look to “clear my mind” and enjoy every single minute I can. Away from numbers / math / trendlines / blogs / news and “anything” remotely related to Forex.

I’ll still plan to post – maybe some pics too.

Have a good weekend everyone!

I Tweet Most Trades – Are You Following?

I can’t keep posting my yearly gains at the website as I’m pretty sure by this time….it’s getting a little hard to believe.

This tweet from yesterday:

The combined “pips earned” across the board as of this morning (where I booked profits and reloaded 100% the exact same trades immediately) is now encroaching on 750 – 800 pips.

Not a bad day’s work to say the least…but again – after many, many , many hours planning as well placing smaller orders over time. It would be difficult to imagine someone executing a similar trade plan while keeping a fulltime job – away from markets and their trade desk.

The Australian Dollar being responsible for the largest part of it but “coupled” with continued EUR strength.

When you are fortunate enough to choose a given currency pair where movements in “both” currencies contribute to the move (as opposed to just one strength / weakness in one) wow! You can really see some serious action. This takes considerable fundamentals knowledge, not to mention timing, but when you get it right…….you can really “get it right”.

I do my best to Tweet as much of the “larger moves” as I can, but considering the number of trades and the “frequency of trades” when things are moving – it’s near impossible to catch every last wiggle. If you don’t get the tweets then most often conversation picks up IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AT THE BLOG.

I hope some of you have also managed to catch a “pip er two”.

U.S Budget Talks – I Can't Listen Anymore

I’m done.

I can’t do this anymore…….It’s over.

I’m finished……We’re through….Good-bye……No more… “Se acabo”.

Let today mark the last day I will comment on the subject, short of the possibility of small intermittent outburst throughout the coming years – as the need arises.

Have I completely lost my mind in quickly interpreting todays ” budget deal ” as being a complete and total waste of paper / time / energy ?

All I can make of it is that the “debt ceiling will be increased forever” and they’re just going to kick the can for an additional 10 years! Averting shutdown in Jan / Fed MUST mean debt ceiling raised no? ( And we can see that “markets” likely view this the same as Kong no? )

( There is no such thing as “the debt ceiling” by the way….but that’s another story)

Forgive me please but…….can an American citizen please explain to me how they can suggest that “a significant change to the pensions of federal government workers and the military will save $12 billion over 10 years, $6 billion each from civilians and the military, and much more over time”.


Get this:

There was just a little over $800 billion of base money in existence before the crisis in 2008… that’s 200 years worth of currency creation equaling 0.8 trillion

Now the Fed creates ONE TRILLION EVERY YEAR…meaning they are creating more than 200 years worth of currency……………… every single year!

Perceived “savings” stretched over “ridiculous periods of time” while 1 TRILLION DOLLARS ARE BEING PRINTED EVERY YEAR!

That’s it…..seriously….last post on it ( maybe not ) but……..common really?

Fantastic profits today in combination with trades initiated late last week…USD “continues” ( now 8 days in a row since posting ) to lose ground, Commods bounce and now reverse, EUR and GBP strength abound…and …..(wait for it…….wait for it……) JPY making the turn???

Habanero chasers for my fine tequilla tonight peeps….apparently …..I better practice up.

No Taper – Never – More QE To Come

There is no possible way that the Fed is going to taper, and I find it to be completely irresponsible that the current “media blitz” in the U.S media is speaking of it  – as if it’s practically a given!

This is absolutely outrageous!

A bunch of floating heads reading a teleprompter, speaking as if they’ve some “authority” on the subject, rambling on and on and on,as to how the Fed’s “taper” is not “tightening”.

And you’re buying this bullshit?! Do you even understand the difference? Is there a difference?

It’s like this…..I can find a million different angles to illustrate the point, but in sticking with the “Japan is doomed theme” lets simply consider this.If the U.S Federal Reserve was to actually “taper” we all know the inverse / correlating effect it will have on interest rates. THERE IS NO WAY THE FED TAPERS WITHOUT INTEREST RATES RISING. PERIOD.

Interest rates rising in the U.S will put immediate ( and I mean “immmmmmediate” ) pressure on interest rates around the globe.

Boom!….Japan’s interest rate on outstanding debt rises to only 2% and BAM!

Full scale economic collapse / disaster / as the interest owed would exceed 80% of the government revenue, setting of a string of “economic events” tumbling domino after domino in this now “very global economy” we live in.

There is not a single chance in hell! The Fed is going to risk “global economic meltdown” by way of tapering, and “forcing rates higher” at a time when the entire planet is hanging by a thread.


This thing is so interconnected now that as we’ve discussed in the past – The U.S Fed has painted itself so far into the corner, that the only way to keep the dream alive will be to “increase QE”.

I honestly don’t know how the entire staff of CNBC as well CNN go home every night to their families etc – and are able to look themselves in the mirror with any shred of dignity, moral code or sense of decency.

It’s disgusting.

Market Update – Trades Closed – Profits Taken

I’ve finally sold both EUR/USD as well GBP/USD, blowing out the EUR/AUD and NZD for the piddly gain of 2% on trades entered last Thursday.

I can’t say I’m particularly thrilled with either the performance “or” the current price action as a bounce in the commodity currencies took a couple of trades off track.

There is no fundamental driver for the smaller move up in both AUD and NZD, so I will be keeping my eye on near term resistance spots, to fade.

Considering that the US Dollar “has” continued to slide as suggested – picking your trades and your pairs hasn’t been as straight forward as one would imagine, with pairs like USD/CAD just “hanging” for days on end. The European currencies the obvious winners with the big moves vs EUR, GBP and CHF.

I’m more or less back in cash now as I would rather sit “outside the market” til at least a couple of things get straight. In general it looks like this will likely stretch out til the end of the year with equities making “one more last higher high” before rolling over into a mid-term decline.

The relationship of USD falling and gold catching a bid “is” coming along, but as suggested – no swinging for the fences down here please.

Oooops….I just reloaded both EUR/USD as well GBP/USD for additional shot at further upside, and  will just lettem do their thing.