2014 – Launch Sequence Initiated

So I had to start somewhere right?

A simple blog. A page…….an outlet.

Something to get me back in contact with “actual human beings” as opposed to the endless hours toiling away with machines….technology. Something “of the now” and not of the “visions of the future” – endlessly circling in my head.

A “coming down to Earth” – if you will.

And so it’s been. Quite a year indeed.

One tiny miniscule, meaningless, irrelevant year in the grand scheme of things. A year where I’d chosen to reach out, to change things, to participate , to contribute  – and to grow.

On that level – I’m satisfied.

Could I have traded it better? Sure. Could I have “blogged” it better? I imagine so.

2014 promises to be a very exciting year as ( in case you hadn’t noticed ) the future has arrived. We are moving forward at breakneck speed, with “computer power doubling – yet halving in size” faster than we can blink an eye. The charts have truly gone “parabolic”. The implications are immeasurable.

Those not willing to do the work, to stay tuned, to remain “in the know” will be rolled over immediately, and even for those “who do” choose to put in the effort…it will be a challenge.

I look forward to “stretching my wings” moving forward, as this is what I’ve been working towards the best part of my entire life. I embrace the future. and I “want” it  – now.

I want to wish all of you the very best in 2014, and I want to thank you once again for your continued support,

2014 may very well see Kong get this spaceship of the rooftop……as launch sequence has been initiated.

Buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

check out the facebook page for an idea of where I’m going: https://www.facebook.com/forex.kong

Gold And The U.S Dollar – Where To Next?

A fantastic question from another valued reader.

PT asks?

“Some time back you spoke of what readers wished to hear. So I thought I’d question a true professional. As a forex novice, my query pertains to gold, silver, and its shares.Where do you see the DXY in the intermediary term (3-6 months)? I know your trades often only last hours, but what is your “change” or expectation for the dollar going forward?”

Kong says:

We’ve seen the decoupling of the traditional relationship / correlation of “lower dollar = higher
gold” right? Or have we?

Pull a 25 year chart of gold and see that this “massive correction” isn’t really that massive at all.
Compared to any other asset / chart you see on the 25 year for example….this is ( Elliot boys
chime in please ) some kind of “wave 4” maybe…..but not a change in trend!



I have no change in expectation for the dollar ( as I expect it to essentially go to zero ) but will
be wary / watchful for correction “just like we see in all asset classes” when the time comes.

Knowing full well “nothing moves in a straight line for long” sure…..the buck will “buck us bears”
at some point…..as the correction in gold has equally “bucked the bulls”. This shit happens every
day, in one asset or another…..one chart or another.

What most people fail to understand is that “every single pivot / zig and zag” doesn’t play out/correlate/  “on a dime”. An asset like gold ( with such a high value ) has been “on it’s own correction” based on the value / time / zigs / zags etc, while the US Dollar struggles within it’s own set of parameters.

There are points where “stars align”, but in general “intermarket analysis” is extremely difficult for a novice to effectively “time”.

If you ask me what I think. I think the U.S Dollar is going to zero and I think that gold is going to the moon. If you ask me “how long is that gonna take”?

I’ll tell you you’re trading to large, reduce your position size, don’t expect this to be easy and “don’t” pull your life savings with any expectations that you’ll “be even close” in timing it.

Near term – I’m looking for this last leg lower in the dollar – then an obvious bounce.

Unlearn Everything – Make Something New

Without new ideas…what have we really got?

We copy, we mimic , repeat , reproduce, borrow etc…..but with nothing really new “introduced”, round and round we go, spiralling into the mundane, the benign  – all things we know to be “essentially” safe.

I’m really not much for that.

A chef may jump from culture to culture learning new things, an artists the same, pulling what they can from others, in an attempt to “make it their own” but in the end – is it really anything new?

Traders have poured over historical data for years, “looking back” in order to formulate ideas of what potentially lies ahead. The charts, the “indicators”, the jargon, the trend… all seemingly unchanged for what feels like an eternity.

Are there any new ideas left?

You bet your ass there are.

I’ve got a storage locker full of scribblers/notenbooks and a couple 100 more stuffed under my bed if you wanna talk about new ideas. 2014 is “coming” but I like to think of it more so as “I’m coming for 2014”.

This “trading thing” has been more or less an exercise so far, and I’m about ready to turn a couple of things on their heads.You’ve got to learn every single thing you can about a particular discipline, in order to throw it all out the window and contribute something new. You’ve got to learn it….to “unlearn it” in order to approach it “again” creatively.

2014 promises to be yet another incredibly challenging year, as far as trading is concerned and believe me – I’m ready.

In fact………………..I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lets get this party started.

Trading Nightmare – I'm Awake And In Profit

One of my computers called me about an hour and a half ago.

Plucked from the grasp of yet another “unsettling dream” ( for what ever reason I am continually plagued by dreams of having my teeth pulled / ripped / removed / taken in ever increasingly “bizarre fashion” ) I welcomed the alert, and eagerly leapt from the bed to silence the soft repeating tone.

Several trades had been picked up, and to my surprise – the U.S Dollar taking a relatively huge hit as the London sessions moved into their first couple hours trading. My surprise? Of course not – you know that. Everything moving accordingly to plan with the added bonus of still having every single tooth intact! How wonderful!

And with so many caught in nightmares of their own, gobbling up useless news stories of tapering and the assumed effect of a “much stronger dollar”.

EUR and GBP are obviously the biggest winners here as per trades in the comment section some hours ago as well a quick tweet.

The “tooth removal” dreams are extremely unpleasant, and it’s really no wonder I don’t sleep a whole lot. Thankfully I was “saved by the bell” here this evening, and rewarded with some fantastic trade entries.

In celebration I plan to eat 3 lbs of chocolate, a full tub of ice cream and as many stale candy canes as I can wrestle from the kids across the street.


I can fully understand that this must be moving way to fast for some of you as…..only hours later (in fact less ) I’ve already banked just under 400 pips across the board in 6 pairs total, and will now be looking for pull back on smaller time frames – and of course re entry.

When some of this goes down in the “dead of night” I don’t imagine there is much some of you can do about it , not having the alerts / computers chiming, the lifestyle ( never sleeping, no kids , no other job, likely insanity ) let alone the interest / dedication / commitment.

We’ll have to find a solution moving forward.

Retail Investors Are In – You Buying Or Selling?

Well, if you’d been wondering at all if/when the last of the retail investors where going to indeed “pile into markets” – look no further than these last few days.

Twitter as a fantastic example making like 40% gains in the past 10 days alone, a company still yet to turn a profit. Without fail the “Santa Claus Rally” has exceeded all expectations, on the back of a market already stretched to the upper limits of reality, while currency markets sit firmly with their wheels in the mud.

Once again (as so many times in the past) here we sit with very little to trade, at a time and place where making any “major decisions” makes little sense at all.

It makes no sense at all putting money at risk in a low volume environment, where “churn” and “grind” are about all you’ve got to look forward too. The year will wind down here over the next few days, and with the start of a new year we can expect the fireworks to pick back up.

Remember – The Fed “announced tapering to start”, but that said tapering “starts” in January.

Retail investors are now in. What does that make you?


Merry Xmas! – Singapore! Hong Kong! Thank You!

What better day than today to reach “back” out – and wish all of my wonderful readers / supporters the very best. Merry Christmas everyone! Where ever you are…and what ever it means to you. I wish you all the very best!

A snapshot of the top readers here at Forex Kong. The United States and Canada grabbing the top spots, with a “fantastic list of such wildly diverse cultures” rounding out the top 20/30.

I am absolutely thrilled to see / know that we’ve attracted such a global audience here over the past year. I wish you all the very best this holiday season and so look forward to trading with you in the years to come!

Merry Christmas everyone!



Obviously markets are flat/closed here today, but be sure to keep a watchful eye as – it “is” year end, and there are a number of factors (taxes , profit taking , etc..) that can / will move the needle.

I’m not getting too excited about much ( unfortunately ) until we get this year over with so…best to just play things safe – stay out of trouble and enjoy the holidays!

Graphene To Change World – Future Kong Series

In the new year I plan to start a series “future kong” where I will be highlighting new technologies and cutting edge concepts primed for future investment, as well as researching the companies involved.

If you haven’t already heard of “graphene” you’d better listen up.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a revolutionary carbon based material made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. Graphene is one million times thinner than paper. So thin in fact…….that it is actually considered two dimensional.

Paradoxically, Graphene is also said to be the strongest material every made. So strong in fact, that if we rolled out a single sheet ( less than the thickness of plastic wrap ) and  could balance an elephant on the head of a pencil – the tip could not break through.Yes…….that kind of strong.

Graphene’s special properties don’t stop there…not even close:

  • Conductive: Electrons are the particles that make up electricity. So when graphene allows electrons to move quickly, it is allowing electricity to move quickly. It is known to move electrons 200 times faster than silicon because they travel with such little interruption. It is also an excellent heat conductor. Graphene is conductive independent of temperature and works normally at room temperature.
  • Strong: As mentioned earlier, it would take an elephant with excellent balance to break through a sheet of graphene. It is very strong due to its unbroken pattern and the strong bonds between the carbon atoms. Even when patches of graphene are stitched together, it remains the strongest material out there.
  • Flexible: Those strong bonds between graphene’s carbon atoms are also very flexible. They can be twisted, pulled and curved to a certain extent without breaking, which means graphene is bendable and stretchable.
  • Transparent: Graphene absorbs 2.3 percent of the visible light that hits it, which means you can see through it without having to deal with any glare.

With only about 10 years of practical research thus far, the real world applications are endless, including production of solar cells “hundreds of thousands of times thinner and lighter” than those that rely on silicon, more efficient computer transistors, “bendable electronics”, applications in engineering/building as well space aeronautics – and the list goes on.

So far there are a few companies worth taking a look at as early adopters / movers in the space.

Graftech International Ltd. ( symbol GTI ) is on my radar, looking for a pullback since its recent break out. 

Calling Out Gary Savage – Shame On You Man

Enough is enough.

I seriously cannot let this one slide as….I could care less what this joker has to say about it.You “the reader” can make up your own mind.

This clown just recommended buying “2016 QQQ / SPY  put options” suggesting, and I quote:

“I think 2016 puts on the QQQ or SPY are going to pay off many thousands of percent over the next two years”.

The next two years??? An options trade?? With a 2 year profit horizon?? That’s your advice / suggestion to readers??

Man….just like the last time Gary Savage suggested buying options ( and I suggested to both he and his readship that his options would go directly to ZERO! ) Here he goes again! Unreal!



What is wrong with you man? The comment section is wide open / ready and waiting for “Mr. Gold Profit” ( who I believe lost literally everything during 2013 no? ) to back it on up…..

Now you’re an options pro?

You tried currencies for a week er two as well……how’d that work out?

This is an open invitation Gary……you’ve got the floor.

Please enlighten us. An options buy with a 2 year profit horizon? Even better a “bearish options buy” (from the guy that doesn’t believe you can make money on the “downside”).

Bunk. Crap. Bullshit.

How many times a day do you climb the same f#%)/king rock Gary?


Make Mistakes – Learn – Move On – Have Fun

Keep in mind markets are still open, all be it the “holiday season”.

We don’t generally expect to see fireworks during the coming week, or the following week for that matter but…….it doesn’t hurt to stay tuned as these days – you never really know.

To “remain vigilant” is a base requirement for shorter term traders, as periods of low volume often generate wider swings in price, and can easily “whipsaw the weak” ( if you know what I mean ). With fewer trades being placed, any “reasonably large trade” can have a much larger effect on price so…..it makes sense to keep an eye on things.

We’ve got 2013 winding down – wow. 2013 – over and done with yes!

On a personal level I can say with certainty – I won’t miss it.

Since the “dawn of the Internet” I’ve found solace in ( and perhaps coined ) an analogy that more or less describes/outlines/ defines the way I’ve lived my entire life.

“I don’t have a back button”.

Like a web browser, or perhaps an “edit function” in one of the programs we all use daily (there for you at the push of a button). A simple click to erase your mistakes……a wonderful opportunity to just……”go back”.

I don’t believe in that.

I’ve made mistakes sure…..big ones….huge ones, no…”massive ones” but………I don’t really look at them as “mistakes”. I dont’ look back  – I don’t look back for a second no…I move forward. I move towards the future.

I “am” the future as……if  you don’t believe in yourself then – what’s the f#%king point?

We all make decisions, that in turn lead to more decisions, and so on, and so on……..

How could we be expected to get “every single one” right?

Go ahead and make mistakes. Learn from them….and move on.

Last time I looked…I think they call it “life” no?

Have fun……and make a point of it.

Have fun!

The Future Economy Explained – Video

The following video ( and series of videos should you wish to view all of them ) provides some of the most straight forward and easy to understand explanation of The Federal Reserve, the history of fiat money and Central Banking ,as well ideas of what the future may hold – with respect to the outcome of this current financial “experiment”.

These are some extremely well-respected gentleman talking ( many have beards ) including one of our favorites Dr. Paul Roberts, and the material is extremely easy to understand.

I recommend that “anyone” who still may have questions about some of the basics, or still may be struggling to wrap their heads around some of this  – Watch these videos.

I wanted to include them in the material available here at Forex Kong as the information is provided in such a straight forward manner.Perhaps plan to bookmark and come back throughout the week as each video is about an hour-long.