George Soros Gets Short – Big Time

I know it’s hard to take investment advice from a gorilla, and if you’ve been reading / following for any length of time you’re also well aware that I am almost “always” early ( and rarely ever late ) with my market calls / trading decisions.

But what about billionaire investor guru George Soros?

Would you ( obviously ) look to take his word over mine?

It seems legendary hedge fund billionaire George Soros might be souring in his view on the market outlook for US stocks, showing a 605% increase in his short S&P 500 position (through put options on 11.29 million shares of SPDR S&P 500 ETF) to $2.2 billion.

Even though he is still net long stocks, his short position on the S&P 500 (where he owns an option which will profit from a fall in stocks prices)  has now risen from 2.96% of his Soros Funds Management Portfolio to a whopping 16.65%.

So now we’ve got Goldman ( looking for Japan to implode ) George ( creating a massive position short SP 500 ) and myself aligned.

Another look at institutional activity ( big banks and brokerages ) over the past 6 months, while you’ve been buying and these guys have been selling to you.




If you want to trade with the big boys, it might make a bit of sense to consider “what these guys are up to” no?

Markets making their final bounce exactly as expected…all be it even weaker than originally suggested.

Heads up people! Sept is not that far off now.



Fourth Time's A Charm – The Market Decides

Obviously you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket, and at times….these tickets can cost you a pretty penny may it be psychologically, financially or both.

So when things are trading sideways ( as with the example of EUR/USD for example ) how long does a trader choose to hang on before considering the trade a wash / scratch or even a loss?

It’s always up to the individual, as no two traders have the same “threshold for pain”, each with their own set of rules / factors influencing their decision-making but ideally…the decision is made “sooner than later” – as there will always be another opportunity.

One particular “dynamic of price action” I like to use ( in order to help with this decision-making process ) is what I call the “fourth time’s a charm”.

When any asset price has tested an area of support or resistance for a fourth consecutive time over a span of perhaps a few days – it’s time to take note – as the next move is likely going to be the one that counts.

Breakout or breakdown, one can usually “make it or break it” on the fourth time an area of support or resistance is tested, suggesting that the asset has “done all it can” to either push through the area of resistance overhead or succumb to the pressure, finally falling through support below.

And so we find ourselves in the case of the U.S Dollar vs a number of currencies, currently testing the “fourth time’s a charm”-  not to mention both our patience and our discipline.

Which way does she go from here?

The fourth time’s a charm so…….we’ll just have to let mother market decide.


Long EUR/USD at 1.34 – Low Risk Entry

Likely a pretty slow / sleepy to start to the week considering the slow summer months so…

Long EUR/USD still looks like the most reasonable play here for a bounce in risk / move lower in USD.

The JPY pairs are behaving “exactly as expected here” so for those interested in taking a shot ya…..just look to get your stops below those “prior near term lows” and let it be what it will be.

Commod currencies ( AUD / NZD and CAD ) would usually bounce along side risk as well but from what I can see / consider here these past days – they aren’t looking to make any major moves.

With AUD now “finally” showing its hand I think it’s safe to say these currencies have already began the larger “longer term move” in selling off / making the turn.

Sure we can expect a bounce but I really don’t think they’ll get to far.

We’ve identified that AUD has now rolled over on has high a time frame as the 4H – taking months to do so.

This kind of thing is not just “quickly reversed” so again……please consider any further “upside” in AUD to be “counter trend” and trade it accordingly.

I’m adding a couple contracts long EUR/USD here today, and will trade it actively should we see some volume and a solid move.

The benefit of staggering small orders over time should be noted here….as EUR/USD still sits around 1.34 – now going on a full week.

There is “no benefit” in jumping into a trade with your full position / max commitment during times like these, as you tie up capital that essentially just “sits there” – grinding you to shreds.

Forex moves a lot slower than most short-term traders initially understand ( getting caught up in the smaller time frame volatility / chop ) when “in reality” – price is going nowhere.

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The Countdown Begins – Greed Finds Its End

Well this is it people – the countdown begins.

You can count yourself as lucky – no…..”very lucky” as to have some idea where / when the merry-go-round stops spinning – this being the “final turn” before the party ends.

We’re down to a matter of weeks now – if not days.

I don’t generally speculate on such short-term movements, but with respect to “this one” having such significance to the longer term / larger trend – I feel it’s reasonable to put something out there.

Let’s give it a full two weeks, 14 days ( give or take a day here and there )  before anyone “greedy enough” to still find themselves “hanging around” – finds themselves wishing they’d taken note.

This will mark the “final surge” in global appetite for risk, and the final push towards the highs, before the historical repetition of the typical “boom and bust cycle” takes effect once again.

The Fed meeting at Jackson Hole ( scheduled for Aug 21st ) will undoubtedly be the trigger, as Yellen suggests “for the very first time” that indeed it’s time for “risk takers” to exercise caution, or to be blunt – get the hell outta the way as fast as they possibly can.

In a matter of weeks “nay-sayers” will be left holding the bag, giving each and every one of you ample time to act accordingly – if you do so choose.

Currency markets have already made the transition ( with commodity related currencies smashed as of late ) as they will always lead, with safe havens catching the bid – suggesting the turn is already well underway.

You don’t want to be the last one out the door, and their will be ample trading opportunities on the “other side of the mountain” if you can just manage to discipline yourself to “get out of this while you can” and not get caught holding.

The countdown has begun.

Best of luck to all of you.



Curreny Wars Turn To Trade Wars – People Next

From a purely geopolitical point of view things just keep getting hotter.

An expected “bounce in risk” ( considering the oversold conditions ) not as forth coming here as Putin pushes back with sanctions of his own BANNING EUROPEAN FOOD IMPORTS ( something which will further push Europe into a triple-dip recession ).

“Take that” then Obama / EU cronies.

Apparently the big boys in Washington and The EU are both completely shocked and outraged ( yet imposing sanction of their own is always Ok – right? )

Putin will not be bullied, now with the “supposed recovery” in The EU ( ya right ) hanging in the balance. Like it has anything to do “what so ever” with Putin or Russia.

This is now coming to a head as the West continues to do anything possible to provoke the “calm cool and collected” Putin.

The U.S must make war in order to retain “reserve currency status” and continue with the Ponzi at whatever cost.

Putin’s latest action keeps the game in check, and provides hope for those of us ( most of the planets population ) who look forward to a day when The U.S looks to concentrate on its own “completely f#&ked up situation”, starts taking care of its “own people” and keeps its big fat “overly indebted nose” out of other people business.

You’d think the people of The Ukraine were “made of gold” considering the amount of interest from Washington! No wait…….gas/oil – that’s it.

Currency wars turn to trade wars…….

Trade wars turn to “people wars”.

Hey – what’s up fellow traders? I know the flow of “daily trading info” has dwindled to a certain degree here at the public blog as it’s now “hopping” in The Members Area!

Things are really looking to pick up here in coming days / weeks with “The Fed news” late August as well current weakness in global equities assuring fireworks to follow!

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Fukushima Exposed – Tuna With Two Heads

After years of obfuscation and, simply put, lies; TEPCO has admitted in a new report that more nuclear fuel had melted at the Fukushima nuclear reactor than previously stated. While this is dreadful news, it gets worse, as the report further confirms that despite Abe’s promises and TEPCO’s state-funded efforts to build ice-walls, it may miss an important deadline binding it to clean radioactive water stored inside the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Bloomberg reports officials commenting “we are doing everything we can do,” but it appears, that is not enough as tens of thousands of tons of toxic water are expected to remain at the site by the imposed deadline.

Get the rest of the story here or “oh I dunno” maybe start looking ito the “reality of this disaster” yourself.

You still haven’t got short Japan? EWJ ( as suggested a couple days ago ) clearly moving lower.

More here.

Navigating The Turn – 2 Years Without Returns?

Considering that markets have more or less “skyrocketed higher” for such an extended period of time that the majority of investors / traders are likely convinced that this is just the “new normal” ( I can’t stand that expression by the way – as it reeks of complacency and “idleness”) and that dips should be bought, on and on, no worries, The Fed has your back etc etc…

It’s easy to understand, as even heightened geopolitical concerns continue to take the back seat, along side lowered global GDP forecasts, poor data out of Japan etc..It could easily appear to the casual observer that “nothing” can get in the way of markets just moving higher, and even higher.

But what happens when the turn is made? I mean…..we all have to appreciate that “nothing goes up forever” right? Historically speaking we can see the typical “boom and bust cycle” usually manifests in a “5 year up and 2 year down” type scenario – and we’re well past the 5 year up mark.

As investors / traders it would completely foolish to “simply ignore” these longer term patterns as I can imagine most of you…..have likely been caught doing that a time or two before right?

Tech / boom / crash 2000 maybe? Credit / housing / crash of 2007 perhaps?

I find it highly unlikely that many of you successfully navigated these “significant turns” to continue generating profits during the 2 year period following these incredible crashes in risk.

Take a look:



Market tops can be seen almost “to the letter” on a 7 year cycle with 5 years up….and 2 years down, with us sitting “right at the max” of this “extended 5 year move higher” based solely in the “money printing efforts” made by Central Banks.

The idea of going through this again ( as why would this time be any different? ) can’t possibly be appealing. Considering where you are in life, and the prospects of a “full 2 years” with your portfolio drawndown considerably – not to mention the mental and psychological end of things – who needs the grief?

You’ve come this far with your investing / trading decisions while the “good times have been good” so…..why not extend the same effort when ” the good times are bad”?

Suggestions to follow….


Yellen Gonna Prick Yer Bubble – Aug 21st

I encourage investors and traders of all asset classes to just take a minute here  – and listen up.

As much as I understand you’ve likely got a BBQ to tend to or perhaps a Birthday party for your dog, this will only take a second.

The annual Jackson Hole economic symposium, a three-day conference in Wyoming begins on Aug. 21st where The Fed meets each year for the continued discussions of world domination,fashion tips for bankers,entertainment news, and of course – monetary policy.

This time it’s going to be different. You need to get this on your radar.

Risking complete and total repute ( if they’ve still got any left at all ) The Fed is finally going to “actually say something” with respect to letting some of the “hot air” out of this ridiculous stock bubble.

With the bond buying set to “end in October” Yes! END IN OCTOBER! This will only give investors a few short months ( more like 6 weeks ) to re-evaluate their current holdings / consider taking profits and head for the exits in an “orderly fashion” as interest rates are set to rise much sooner than most have been anticipating.

Now you ask me well……”How does this affect me Kong?” “I own Apple! One of the greatest companies on Earth…I can’t imagine anything The Fed says having much to do with them?

Listen.No stock survives on its own accord when “global risk for appetite” wanes. No stock.

When large institutional investors ( those that dwarf your portfolio by 10,000x plus ) start looking at investments where “higher interest rates” come at them like a dull knifes in the kidneys – trust me.

They sell.

You can’t boil this down to single days trading, or even a single week or month when you are staring dead into the eyes of such a “fundamental shift in monetary policy” and it’s far-reaching effects.

Housing, equities, credit / loans, dog food, birthday presents, beer, Apple and “everything else on this planet” that has been pushed along by way of “massive injections of liquidity by Central Banks” will very soon feel the effect of having that taken away.

The Fed hopes the exit will be in an “orderly fashion” but you know yourself best. You’ll hang on “just like the guy next door” thinking you’ve got this figured out and that “just one more day er two” and then I’ll cash out – that’s what I’ll do. Smart.

Doesn’t sound “too orderly” if you and the guy next door, and of course every investor on your block are thinking the same way now does it?

Everybody always runs for the exits all at once…..and everyone is always, always too late.

Watch for news surrounding the Jackson Hole Meeting around August 21st. You won’t want to miss it.




Goldman Now Warns – Japan To Implode

A little late Goldman as I’ve been onto this for some time now – right?

As many of you know I’ve been “following the hot money” out of Japan over the past several months, as well been keeping a close eye on the Japanese Stock Market “The Nikkei”.

I can only imagine that for many of you, likely absorbed in the daily coverage of things far closer to home ( such as the SP 500 or DOW ) this may appear somewhat “uninteresting” or even “un-applicable” to your current/future trading and investment interests, but encourage you to stick with it long enough to see this through.

Perhaps the recent and “sudden” drop in U.S Equities ( erasing the past 2 months gains in a single 48 hour period ) may have done a better job in “captivating your attention”, as I’ve always suggested that “we’ll see the cracks in Japan first” and that U.S Equities are generally…..always the last to go.

We’ve now seen the very best that The Bank of Japan can do with respect to keeping their own stock market propped up as long as they can, employing the exact same techniques as The Federal Reserve – only on a much larger scale. As The Fed has continued with its tapering and is very close to “shutting off the tap altogether” ( down to only 25 billion per month ) Japan’s QE program has been blistering forward at an alarming pace and has contributed considerably to the recent rally in U.S Stocks – as money floods over seas in search of yield.

This just out from Goldman Sacks:

Goldman Warns Of 6.5% Japanese GDP Collapse – Worst Since Lehman

The greater-than-expected weakness in the consumption snapback signals significant downside risk to our forecast of 4.6% decline for Q2 real GDP (sequential annualized). While we expect lower imports, higher inventories, and other factors to support GDP to some extent, we see negative real GDP growth of around -6.5% as likely, based on the data currently available.

The data is set for release on August 13th.

Japan is headed for economic collapse, and for those of us interested in “taking this seriously” ( keeping in mind that Japan led the market crash of 2007/8 by 6 months ) a miriad of trade opportunities will soon be upon us.

For stock traders again…..a quick look at EWJ – The Japanese Index Fund ETF.



I can understand how hearing it from an “anonymous gorilla over the internet” may not be enough to get you outside your comfort zone fair….. but Goldman now too?

Japan led the charge lower in 2007 / 2008 and from everything I track / follow I see that this time – things will be no different.

Come check out how we are trading it ( and profiting from it ) in our Members Services Area.

more on the subject:

USD Topping Out – Nikkei Weekly Pin Bar

The other day’s 100 pip ramp up in USD/JPY has stuck – so far.

Sitting up here at the top end of the range it’s obvious that The BOJ did everything it could “pre U.S GDP debacle” to keep the status quo and defend the line at 101.20.

Please appreciate the significance of this as…..the ultimate “breakdown” in USD/JPY is the signal / breakdown required for this entire “house of cards” to take a serious, serious blow.

The fact that currency markets have literally “stood still” for the past 48 hours as global equities take their first serious hit in months says a lot – affirming “just how desperate” the co-ordinated effort of Central Bankers ( to keep this ball in the air ) has become.

The subsequent breakdown in /ES ( SP 500 futures ) has now broken below major support that “under any normal conditions” would signal what we usually call an “intermediate decline” but again…..considering who we’re up against – I can’t get too excited looking for much further downside short of this thing “popping” higher first.

Nikkei ( as suggested the other day ) appears to have “popped and dropped” back into it’s near term range , also generating an interesting looking “pin bar” on the weekly time frame. The likely “top of wave 2” in our existing framework.




Considering the waves of poor data that continue to flood out of Japan it’s “all but certain” that the recent ramp job was / was purely Central Bank induced, “yet again” keeping this thing afloat as long as they possibly can.

What we begin to understand here now,  is just how desperate the situation is and that….more than likely the fallout will be much worse / severe than your average “garden variet” BTD ( buy the dip ) and “everything will be ok” type thing.

Trade wise – considering the massive overbought conditions of The U.S Dollar one has to consider looking long both EUR/USD as well GBP/USD here but again with caution as the “solid up trend in USD” would have this trade originally manifest as “counter trend”.

I’m having trouble imagining the U.S Fed letting USD get much further out of the basement here as every single uptick essentially drives the cost of U.S Debt higher ( being denominated in USD of course ) and “how soon we forget” – The Fed still wants to crush the currency.

For those brave enough to get out and challenge the BOJ here in coming days, I see that many of the long JPY pairs have retraced a touch and could provide for “re entry” here next week including short NZD/JPY, CAD/JPY and entry short USD/JPY up here at the top end “should we see reversal first”.

Otherwise the blatantly obvious trade here is looking at EUR, considering that if USD rolls over here and spends the next 6-8 days retracing ( or perhaps generating a much larger fall ) the biggest returns will be seen vs EU currencies.

AUD has clearly had the wind taken out of it on the “risk off” move over the past couple days but it really depends “against what” with AUD/JPY still firmly under the grasp of The BOJ.

I’ll be looking for entry long EUR/USD above 1.34 after the U.S data release here this morning, and will cover the specifics of several other currency pairs ( if it really even matters in this situation ) over the weekend.

The ponzi either goes another “final round” ( likely trading flat to upward for the rest of August / early September ) or it doesn’t.

That’s really all there is too it.