Shut Off The T.V – Get Outside and Enjoy Summer

Shut Off The T.V and Get Outside!

I harken back – only a few days:

“The FED will raise. The FED will stick to it’s general rhetoric, and will HOLD RATES AT THIS RATE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. They will not suggest or even imply “anything close to a rate cut” during the year of 2023.”

The market has this wrong….

How we doing so far? Considering the data….what “rally in risk assets” are you waiting for? Every single company that continues to “beat earnings estimates” has reduced their guidance moving forward month over month, over month, over month over month, for so long that “you at home in front of the T.V” only see what they want you to see!

They only set guidance at levels that they feel they can “beat” regardless of the continuation of lower profits / lower economic output.

“Hope” is not an investment strategy, and the main stream financial media is no help as……they just keep shovelling the same shit! Somehow they are able to look themselves in the mirror when they get home after a days “work”…..I have no concept of how this is possible. Certainly NOT in a being of higher consciousness = no.

The goal is to help your fellow man – not take his home / car / job / bank account.

Then they bring out Warren Buffet?? And he does the same? Shame. Shame, shame shame.

I am extremely optimistic about the future ( as I’ve already been there ‘n back several times ) as disruptive technologies such as blockchain / a.i / genetics find their place, and lead humanity to the next level of our conscious development and financial freedom. This is a given.

I can’t watch the “current circus” play out in the media as I think it’s just sad. It’s just sad that the average human being hoping to “better themselves” or “get ahead” can’t get past these floating / talking heads on television telling you “now is the time to buy”.

Now is not the time to buy.

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