Human Innovation To Explode – Now Is The Time

It’s often been suggested that science fiction movie makers such as Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick had “inside information” when producing films such as E.T or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or perhaps Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame. Maybe he had an “inside line” on technologies of the future – who can really say with any certainty. I have my views.

Regardless….I think it is fair to say, if human beings can imagine it – they will indeed create it. Take a good look at your cell phone and consider that you’ve got access to essentially “every library on the planet”, along side a video camera and gps – tucked away in your hoodie. Not to shabby for a few years of human innovation eh? Humans literally pulling raw materials from the Earth (silver / gold / aluminum etc..) and crafting them into objects so quickly taken for granted. Absolutely incredible.

Human innovation is about to explode.

Humanity currently sits on the precipice of what will “undoubtedly be” the most incredible advancement of technology this planet has seen since the times of Atlantis. It’s not science fiction. It’s happening right now. Seriously…nothing can stop it, and why on Earth would anyone want to stop it? Would you prefer a horse drawn carriage as opposed to an autonomous vehicle? How bout the rotary phone vs your cell? Interested in going to the mall on a busy Saturday? Or just as good with a quick order from Amazon? You love it and you know it. You fear it sure……but you love it all the same.

How do I invest in the future?

First we need to consider the areas of innovation that will likely make the biggest splash, and for that I get a hall pass as……a much respected and fellow time traveller Cathy Wood has outlined a general road map for you.

I strongly encourage all of you to have a quick read ( it’s easy – and full of simple charts / graphs ) as Cathy Wood’s “Big Ideas For 2023” reflects these ideas beautifully.

Digital currency (duh). Genetics (duh). A.I ( double duh ).

Don’t be scared! the future is now. Get on it.

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