Humanity On The Precipice – Slavery At Hand

Humanity – Greed And Fear – Do You Even Know What’s Driving You?

Markets exist “well beyond” the simple facets of what the typical / average human being generally takes into consideration. You’ve got your CNBC…your BNN and any number of “other media resources” that you “think/hope” will assist/ guide you on your investment journey, and for the most part……..this is all that 99% of traders / investors drawn from. Fair enough.

Quickly let me ask you………will any of them “EVER” tell you to sell / get the F@$K outta the market?

If you consider the amount of greed manifesting at the absolute top of the market, where banks simply take your deposits and gamble with them ( then lose – then get bailed out ) – at some point you’ve gotta ask yourself…

Shouldn’t I form my own views? Not opinions…..not “believes” but…..straight up views of the current market and it’s functionality, based on my own research and analysis?

Anything less is essentially gambling no?

A harsh reality to consider / to be quite frank – you actually have no concept of what’s going on – short of the information gathered from your “financial media” ya? Or no? Any argument welcome.

This being said……we sit on the precipice of what will likely be the most significant FED meeting / announcement we’ve seen on Earth in 12 – 15 years. The .25 bps raise is a given.

It’s the “guidance moving forward” that will move the markets past whatever “pop n drop” we see tomorrow, and I am extremely confident that the market “has this wrong”.

The FED will raise. The FED will stick to it’s general rhetoric, and will HOLD RATES AT THIS RATE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. They will not suggest or even imply “anything close to a rate cut” during the year of 2023.

The market has this wrong….with the 2 year bond suggesting a full 1.25 bps RATE CUT prior to the end of the year? You gotta be crazy. You go 12 years at 0% …..then spend a single year boosting to 5.5% then cut?? Not gonna happen.

Pop’n Drop……..or just simply DROP…as they had your back for 12 years……it’s time to re price equites.

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  1. John May 3, 2023 / 1:19 am

    Dollar cost average on significant drops

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