USD Topping Out – Nikkei Weekly Pin Bar

The other day’s 100 pip ramp up in USD/JPY has stuck – so far.

Sitting up here at the top end of the range it’s obvious that The BOJ did everything it could “pre U.S GDP debacle” to keep the status quo and defend the line at 101.20.

Please appreciate the significance of this as…..the ultimate “breakdown” in USD/JPY is the signal / breakdown required for this entire “house of cards” to take a serious, serious blow.

The fact that currency markets have literally “stood still” for the past 48 hours as global equities take their first serious hit in months says a lot – affirming “just how desperate” the co-ordinated effort of Central Bankers ( to keep this ball in the air ) has become.

The subsequent breakdown in /ES ( SP 500 futures ) has now broken below major support that “under any normal conditions” would signal what we usually call an “intermediate decline” but again…..considering who we’re up against – I can’t get too excited looking for much further downside short of this thing “popping” higher first.

Nikkei ( as suggested the other day ) appears to have “popped and dropped” back into it’s near term range , also generating an interesting looking “pin bar” on the weekly time frame. The likely “top of wave 2” in our existing framework.




Considering the waves of poor data that continue to flood out of Japan it’s “all but certain” that the recent ramp job was / was purely Central Bank induced, “yet again” keeping this thing afloat as long as they possibly can.

What we begin to understand here now,  is just how desperate the situation is and that….more than likely the fallout will be much worse / severe than your average “garden variet” BTD ( buy the dip ) and “everything will be ok” type thing.

Trade wise – considering the massive overbought conditions of The U.S Dollar one has to consider looking long both EUR/USD as well GBP/USD here but again with caution as the “solid up trend in USD” would have this trade originally manifest as “counter trend”.

I’m having trouble imagining the U.S Fed letting USD get much further out of the basement here as every single uptick essentially drives the cost of U.S Debt higher ( being denominated in USD of course ) and “how soon we forget” – The Fed still wants to crush the currency.

For those brave enough to get out and challenge the BOJ here in coming days, I see that many of the long JPY pairs have retraced a touch and could provide for “re entry” here next week including short NZD/JPY, CAD/JPY and entry short USD/JPY up here at the top end “should we see reversal first”.

Otherwise the blatantly obvious trade here is looking at EUR, considering that if USD rolls over here and spends the next 6-8 days retracing ( or perhaps generating a much larger fall ) the biggest returns will be seen vs EU currencies.

AUD has clearly had the wind taken out of it on the “risk off” move over the past couple days but it really depends “against what” with AUD/JPY still firmly under the grasp of The BOJ.

I’ll be looking for entry long EUR/USD above 1.34 after the U.S data release here this morning, and will cover the specifics of several other currency pairs ( if it really even matters in this situation ) over the weekend.

The ponzi either goes another “final round” ( likely trading flat to upward for the rest of August / early September ) or it doesn’t.

That’s really all there is too it.

USD/JPY – The Only Thing You Need

A bit of “make it or break it” mentality here this morning as The Nikkei has pushed higher ( with JPY now trading down to it’s “hard-line of support” ) with The U.S Dollar pushing near term highs – where it was turned back in both January and a February re-test.

This puts EUR at “its major line of support” at 1.34 as well GBP “just hanging around” the upper sloping trend line ( daily trend still very much up ) near 169.50

A significant junction to say the least, as correlations across currencies suggest “a move” is certainly pending.

Currency markets should likely make a solid move here in coming days – breaking the summer doldrums.

Transports have clearly broken below support suggesting further decline, and The Dow is now under the “previously suggested top” at 16, 950.

I’ve essentially had this boiled down to a “risk on vs risk off” mentality as of late considering all the larger geopolitical factors, coupled with continued “poor data” coming out of Japan. The Yen has been the largest driving force of this continued rally in risk, as the continued printing, then conversion to USD and purchase of U.S Equities works it’s magic. The Fed passes the buck to The Bank of Japan to do the heavy lifting.

Consider 200 billion per month in paper coming out of Japan, compared to the now “only 35-45 billion” from The Fed to put this in perspective.




Japan is where the money is coming from.

A close eye on the current “range” on currency pair USD/JPY is really all you’ll need.

Break out – or breakdown?

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A Question? – For Fellow Forex Traders

You are all hotshots – I know.

So…..tell me.

As many of you have suggested “trading the fundamentals” is akin to “reading the entrails of dead animals” ( essentially suggesting that “pure technical analysis” is sufficient ) – what are your thoughts on USD/JPY?

JPY ( Japanese Yen ) being the largest contributing factor in the current and seemingly “never ending rally in risk” ( as Japan’s “printing machine” currently dwarfs that of The United States ) – why isn’t USD/JPY making “massive upside moves” along side the ridiculously manipulated run up in U.S Equities?

If currency markets where “taking the bait” wouldn’t we see USD/JPY bursting higher, then higher, and even higher alongside the current ponzi playing out in U.S Equities?



From a purely technical perspective the chart pattern seen above ( a descending triangle ) is extremely bearish – suggesting that the pair will “eventually break through support” and likely waterfall lower.

The Central Banks of both Japan and The Unites States are hell bent on preventing this from happening but…..would you imagine the opposite?

Risk at all time highs…but the “ultimate suggestion” of risk ( borrowing JPY at 0% and investing it in U.S Equities” in seeking yield ) hasn’t done jack shit for the past 6 months.

I invite you all to weigh in – as fellow readers can only benefit from the potencial “pissing match ” to ensue.

Perhaps a cat’s got your toungue? Or maybe you’re out in the back yard now…looking to kill one and have a good look at it’s insides – with hopes of figuring this out.

Good luck with that.


Nikkei Reversed – China PMI Next

What’s absolutely hilarious about this is that….

The “planetary growth engine” China has already posted 3 straight months of CONTRACTION, with the “flash manufacturing PMI” numbers set to be released later on this evening.

The industry “expectation” is ALREADY at 48.4 ( Above 50 indicates expansion – while under 50 suggests contraction ) so……market analysts already “know” the number is low – and that this will mark the 4th straight month of continued slow down in China.

China’s amazing growth over the past 5 years “fueled” the “planet wide sale of stuff” as China practically bought “everything under the sun” in order to keep on growing/building.

So who’s buying all that stuff now? All those goods and services that made corporations profitable, all the contracts / investment made during the “boom times”?

You’ve got to be “completely 100% nuts” if you haven’t figured this out by now, and seriously starting thinking about “becoming a seller”.

Get ready “bagholders”.

Here comes good ol USD on the “repatriation trade” I made light of a couple of days ago. If Japan hasn’t already stomped you into the ground…..get ready for China on deck tonight.

PinBar Anyone? – Nikkei Continues To Lead

You may scoff.

You….. there in your ivory basement suite. Wading through piles of overdue bills reaching for the phone – only to be greeted “once again” by your local collection agency.

For a while there, you fancied yourself a “stock trader” and perhaps “financial blogger” too but…the dream has now faded, and the stark reality of your situation clear.

You are 100% hooped.

Was it the Fed that got you? But I thought they had your back?

Or maybe it was those damn “high frequency traders” on Wall St. But…I thought you worked on Wall Street?  How on earth did you ( such an astute investor ) manage to get yourself trapped, and leveraged to the hilt – when the warning signs where so clearly seen via The Nikkei?

Oh yes…that silly Japan. It’s not “America”!! How could anything going on “over there” have any possible impact on “us!” Us Americans!

Silly silly……Wall St wanna be’s.

A pinbar to the abdomen I say! A pinbar to your right knee!

Nikkei gonna show you the way – DOWN.

Many thanks to those who’ve already signed up for the Premium Services – I really do appreciate it. I’ve got a couple spots left here short term so again will offer that if anyone wants to get in touch with me directly – you can drop me a line at: [email protected]



Bearish On Japan – EWJ As A Play

Looking at the Nikkei “pump job” this morning, as well JPY getting hammered,coupled with the sales tax implementation and latest string of “terrible data” out of Japan I’m about as bearish on Japan as one could be.

It doesn’t look like Japan is going to be able to do much more “stimulus wise” until maybe even July.

Get this……the government is also now telling residents previously living a short 20 km from the Fukushima Plant that it’s SAFE to go back home. SAFE?!


For those into stocks one could consider short plays on “EWJ” or even a couple ( tiny tiny! ) longer dated put options “short” late tomorrow or even mid-week.

As for us currency guys..the Japanese Yen continues to wallow, as the BOJ continues to do all it can to keep this boat afloat. I’m still waiting for a more substancial signal / move before trying “yet again” to get long JPY ( short of a few trades already initiated ).

Look for continued news / headlines and likely larger moves DOWN in the Nikkei Japanese Stock Market up around 15,000.


Japan To Raise Sales Tax – Consumers To Slow

Brilliance out of Japan as we see the country’s standard “sales tax” raised from 5% to a staggering 8% here for the beginning of April.

This is very likely going to cause a considerable downturn in consumer spending for the coming quarter as the BOJ finds itself “ounce again” in a very precarious position.

In April 1997, when the government last raised the sales tax, to 5% from 3%, consumption took a dive and along with the effects of the Asian financial crisis, pushed Japan into deflation and a recession that lasted more than 18 months.

Now after 16 months of printing money like there’s no tomorrow, an increase in sales tax hardly sounds like part of a “cohesive plan” but this is not at all uncommon in Japanese central planning.

It’s one step forward ( if you consider rampant currency devaluation a step forward ) and two steps back as consumers tighten their belts and plan to cut back on spending.

We’ll keep a watchful eye on the Nikkei as always, along with those pesky JPY pairs that still refuse to budge.



Why Isn't Fukushima Front Page News?

I’ve learned everything, I’ve read everything – but I still haven’t “heard” anything!

What the hell is going on? I mean seriously!

We’ve got the Golden Globes front and center on a typical Sunday night here in the West, while a population of 13 Million people in Tokyo sit quietly unaware of the looming disaster only 150 miles away!

150 miles! Can you even imagine! A nuclear accident / disaster that makes Chernobyl look like a beach BBQ, and you’ve got an entire population ( not to mention an entire planet now that Japan has passed the laws “forbidding reporting” on the incident ) sitting in the dark!

Obama and the boys in Britain, France, Canada have sent millions in aid and stepped right up to help  tiny African countries work thru civil “disputes” ( not taking anything away from the horrors there in ) as well helped any number of countries through “national disasters” at the drop of a hat!!

How the hell can the entire world continue to turn a blind eye to what’s really going on in Japan?

It’s like sitting at home in Seattle, and the nuke site is in Vancouver – that close ( with winds blowing at a modest 6 km/h)…..and you’re not making plans to move????

Unreal…..we’ve seen more coverage of a “f$&kin cat stuck down a storm drain” than that of the largest industrial disaster known to mankind, let alone the largest impending threat to our human existence! Where are the news helicopters? Where’s the “minute to minute coverage” of the attempted removal of fuel rods etc?? Where’s the “evacuation plan” when ALL OF JAPAN needs to get off the rock?

How can this not be considered a “global event”? And immediately take the attention of the planets top ranking / thinking / experts in the field to “get their asses over there” and get this thing figured out!

I can’t believe that I will actually have to cross off one of the most highly anticipated travel / food / cultural adventures of my “proposed” future now knowing what I know.

I will never get to sit at “Nobu” in Tokyo and stuff my self to the gills with the finest sushi on the planet, and worse yet – I won’t be able to take anyone to enjoy it with me.

Japan now  – “officially” off limits.

Unreal. I am beyond sad.


U.S Traders Frozen – Yen Ripping Shorts

It would appear that the cold weather system crossing the United States has frozen U.S traders dead in their tracks. Frankly I would have expected a bit bigger “welcome to 2014” type day here, as most traders “should be” back to work.

Stuck sitting in an airport then are we? Yuk. That’s no fun for anyone.

Well…..traders in Asia have certainly hit the ground running, as the good ol Nikkei tanks an additional -225 now down -550 in just the past few trading days. Not exactly the “best start” to 2014 there, as the 16,000 level continues to generate significant resistance. Inversely we are “finally” seeing constructive shorter term charts in JPY strengthening and possibly making the turn.

We all know what continued Yen strength suggests with respect to global appetite for risk right? I’ve been over it about a million times.

There’s really nothing you can do on days like these as this as the Kongdicator is a “hair away” from triggering “short risk ideas” but still not quite there. Knowing full well the Fed is still sitting across the table from us ( as well the Bank of Japan ) now is “still not the time” to jump into anything head first but…….the odds are increasingly in favor of correction.

We know BOJ is gonna print more in April so……in a broad / general sense it makes the most sense to me that “even the U.S Fed” could just as well “allow” markets to correct through the first quarter, all-knowing the printing presses will just crank back up late March.

Actually….it makes perfect sense to me. Get a well orchestrated “dip/correction” in now, with the obvious intention to just ” reinflate” right around the same time as the BOJ. Bring in new buyers on the dip, continue to pedal the “recovery story” and grab those last few stragglers that still have a couple bucks left in their accounts.

Yes yes you know it well….wash , rinse , repeat – wash , rinse repeat.

Very constructive moves in Yen, but still not enough to get me into the trade ( Kongdictor says we look at things in aprox 12 – 24 hours ). Watch for Tweets over the next day or two as I imagine we’ll get a trade signal initiated.

Otherwise…..zzzz…..zzzz….zzzz – wish there was more.

Japan's Aging Population – Adult Diaper Sales Surge

Not like Fukushima isn’t a large enough problem for Japan ( and the rest of the world for that matter ) but unfortunately……’s only a “near term concern”.

Originally triggered by a “massive baby boom” post World War II, the demographics of Japan have evolved into something pretty unusual. The combination of long life expectancy and extremely low birth rate (one of  the lowest of all developed nations ) has resulted in a rapidly aging population, such that currently “one in every four citizens” is over the age of 65.

According to Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, it will be “one in three people” in Japan to be aged above 65 by the year 2030.

There will be more people “over the age of 60” than “under the age of 14” by 2020, with more diapers being sold for adults than for babies.

Japan’s rapidly aging population and low investment returns are driving a decline in savings and wealth ( as retirees now “spend” their savings as opposed to grow them ) dramatically reducing the amount of capital available to fuel the economy.

Since 1981 Japan has produced enough savings to finance its domestic investment needs “and” still export savings as well. But as Japan grows older and it’s savings pool shrinks they will surely become a “net borrower” – meaning…..yet another “purchaser of U.S Debt” will likely stop buying and put even “more pressure” on the economic situation in the U.S.

“You ain’t investing in no U.S Treasury Bonds when your primary concern is maintaining a reasonable quality of life in your later years.”

Is it any wonder we see Japan taking such drastic steps ( via currency debasement / QE etc..) to promote growth and bolster their economy?

A work force that is generally “drying up” ……………and taking their life savings along with them.