A Traders Edge – Look To The Bigger Picture

This came up in the comments area and I wanted to post this for everyone – as I believe  it to be an important point.

I see “risk on” for commodities from a couple different angles – and yes…..at times it is difficult (especially these days) to discern which direction things are headed with so much information, and so much of it conflicting.

  • From a purely fundamental view – world populations are growing, and resources are diminishing (things we all need/use are getting harder to find) = commodities up
  • The simple fact that as the world’s current reserve currency (the U.S dollar) is firmly being targeted for devaluation, the cost of these “things we need” should rise – as they are priced in U.S dollars. Dollar worth less = commodities up
  • From a currency point of view – long term trends in AUD and NZD (like..a weekly chart at least) are clearly in very well defined up trends despite recent volatility and the daily action. Commod currencies up = commodities up

Zooming out to a larger picture often helps frame shorter term trade decisions (or at least provides a solid background) when the day to day volatility gets difficult to handle. The “edge” can be found here – in having the confidence in your decisions, knowing you are trading in the right direction from a larger point of view – and not letting the “daily squiggles” bump you out of your trade.

A quick chart of the  “$CRB Commodities Index”  and the likely direction of “all things commodity” coming soon to a theatre near you.

The Commodities Index  - $CRB

Commodities set to move higher

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