Kong Be Nimble – Kong Be Quick!

It’s not for everyone…I understand.

I assume that some (if not most) of you…… likely have a number of other responsibilities that far outweigh your interest here…….your interest in trading and investing. Interest in the flow of money ’round this silly little planet……interest in gold, china, space exploration, nano technology, conotoxins, robotics, ancient cultures, nitrifying bacteria, the particle zoo etc…..

I do understand….and I digress.

The volatility circling ´round this “historic eve” has provided opportunity for the nimble – those of us with little responsibility……other than the occasional glance at our computer screens, on the way to the fridge to grab another cold beer.

I will look to re enter the exact same trades I went to cash with earlier today in that….fundamentally…nothin has changed. Just the usual “zigs n zags” – for those willing and able – to keep things nimble.

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