The Dollar – Get Down And Stay Down

I’ve been going on about this for almost a full month now, and despite the profits made dipping in and out – it has been no simple task sticking to the dollar short trade. The USD Dollar has done just about everything in its power to confuse and confound traders as of late – and has hovered around the 80.00 mark for far longer than most may have expected.

The Dollar is now set to provide some consistent and “tradable” downside action.

As outlined prior with the “swing low”  in silver (and now subsequent swing low in gold as of Monday) we now see that the dollar has (opposingly) made its swing high. Often when solid technicals line up with the underlying fundamentals in such a perfect manner – big things can happen.

We already know that The Federal Reserve wants a weaker dollar – so on a purely fundamental level (and in conjunction with the FOMC meeting set for Wednesday) it appears that this piece of the puzzle is well in place. Coupled with a “swing high” as well as a failed attempt at a downward sloping trend line break in the USD over the past two days – puts us right on track for a solid move….south.

There are several ways to play this  – be it through equities (that will rise with a falling dollar), gold and silver related stocks and ETF’s, and of course through the currency markets where I will likely be adding to current positions long both AUD/USD and NZD/USD as well short USD/CAD, USD/CHF – as well  a basket of other (and more exotic) “risk on” related pairs.

For more on the “swing low” please reference the prior post.

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