Currency Trading – The Sunday Plan

As I’d mentioned previously – Sunday’s are sacred.

With no lights flashing on my screen, no announcements scheduled, no scandals hitting  the wires, no “fed speak” etc  – Sundays are truly a blessing, for the hard-working and ever diligent currency trader. Unfortunately the spaceships didn’t show up last night (here on the Mayan Riviera) so the world is saved. Back to business for me.

Don’t think for a minute that markets are going to just sit idle  – while you stuff your face full of turkey.

This week could just as likely” rip your face off” in either direction – should you decide to turn a blind eye. I suggest sneaking away (if ony for a minute or two) check a couple of charts, levels, prices etc…and take advantage of this small window of “down time” to check yourself, your trades and your overall market position and exposure.

Never take anything for granted when trading currency – or any other asset for that matter!

Sure its the holidays…..and I do wish you (and all of your families and friends) the best – and all the best in the coming new year BUT! I encourage you to stay diligent, stay focused and never EVER take your eye off the ball  – even when those presents under the tree appear far more interesting.

Happy holidays everyone – and best of luck to you in the new year!

I do expect relatively light trading in coming days – and imagine the dollar will flounder here on its bounce,  then continue in its downward direction. This being said – keep your eyes on equities ( and in particular gold/ silver related stocks) as well tech for buying opportunities as we still look poised to move higher.

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