Gold Rinse Job – Cruel Irony

So I’m a fat cat on Wall Street  – that’s just seen two straight days of retail investment  pour into markets like liquid butta.

Can you get your head wrapped around the profits created (today alone) with respect to anyone who’d bought over the past two days and had a stop on their trade? Even a full 10% stop –  completely annihilated!

As well for those newbies still trying to make a buck trading EUR/USD – because your broker offers teeny-weeny pip spreads and the ability to scalp / short-term trade. No shit! – any wonder why?

You have now been liquidated on your 2k starter account as EUR/USD dives a full 250 pips!

So….has anything changed? Is the Europe story on the mend? Has the world lost its interest in gold?


Everything is exactly the same as it’s always been  – as retail investment continues to fuel the engine of  the massive steam roller smashing you to bits.

It’s a sad truth…………..It’s a cruel….cruel irony.

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