Dear Future Forex Kong – Nice Work

Dear “future” Forex Kong,

Obviously if you are reading this – the spaceship finally came together. You, your family and your “little Mayan friends” are all at safe distance, and you where smart enough to buy all the physical gold and silver  you could carry  – back in the Spring of 2013.

I can also assume that your hunch on China’s impact on the global economy and the currency markets came to fruition, that there is a stack of “renminbi” sitting on your dashboard, and that your Mandarin (官话) is now even better than your Spanish. Knowing you as I do – it’s unlikely you’ll have changed much with consideration to how you’ve lived your daily life these past 100 years or so………I expect that liver transplants have become the rage – and that your interests in Biotech, robotics and nano-technology have also served you well.

If you still aren’t married and have no kids ( as not to have found someone that could tolerate the constant counting/tapping/humming/drawing/writing/pacing) well……….I guess we saw that one coming.

You stuck to your guns, you didn’t give up – and before the Mexican authorities could grab you… finally got that damn thing off the rooftop.

Nice work.

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  1. schmederling March 23, 2013 / 11:37 am

    LOL – Nice post Kong…. let the games begin…. Long PM’s as always & still AUD/USD…. that’s about it for me over the next 90 days…. 🙂 Then is vacation time while my shorts play out their summer B-ball game. In preperation for a fall work-out into a great Christmas & New Years. Looking back @ 2013 will be one for the books with respect the learning & playing the pips… LOL

    • Forex Kong March 23, 2013 / 11:48 am

      Thnx Schmed.

      I’m not 100% sure if readers entirely see/grab the “spaceship” metaphor (achieving one’s goals, freedom, getting to that place you’ve always dreamed etc..) but I can only go on and on about the markets so long. Weekends are a great time to stretch a bit as readers have “better things to do” than sit around reading Kong.

      It sounds to me like you’ve got your head on right here, with a solid longer term plan and conviction to boot. It’s gonna get bumpy here and there – but 2013 most certainly looks to be shaping up as planned.

      Best of luck with your trading – and everything else!

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