QE5 Coming – Fed Will Print Even More

When you really stop and think about it – so far the “Fed’s Quantitative Easing” has done very little for the U.S economy, short of inflate the price of stocks. Last week’s unemployment claims numbers came in considerably higher than expected with 357,000 new claims for the week ending March 23rd.

Stop for just one minute……… and seriously think about that number again.

357,000 people in the Unites States of America filed applications for unemployment benefits last week! With essentially the same number of  people filing the week before that, the week before that – and oh yes…the week before that. It’s truly mind-boggling.

With interest rates already at 0% there’s nothing else that can be done there. Stocks are now at all time highs with very little upside opportunity left there – and now with every other country on the planet devaluing their currencies to promote exports, the U.S efforts to weaken the dollar (with the printing of 85 billion per month) has barely made a dint!

As absolutely insane as it sounds there is really no other option.

QE5 is coming, as the Fed will find some way to justify printing more, and more, and more, and more……….

I’ve inserted the following video (it’s a 24 minute interview) with Jim Rickards the author of “Currency Wars” – he explains things very well. It’s the long weekend so….perhaps sneak away and find a little time for yourself, crack a cold one and have a listen.


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