Forex Blog – This Is A Forex Blog No?

This is a forex blog – isn’t it?

You know – I’m a little hurt. As hard as I try, it still appears that our beloved friends at Google still don’t seem to think this is a forex blog. I type “forex blog” and all I get are a number of websites looking to sell you some “forex trading system”, or a couple of videos showing me “what is forex”, or “how I can make money trading forex”….and poor, poor Kong  – still nowhere to be seen.

If this isn’t a forex blog – I’m not really sure what to do about it. Ideally – the gang at Google (who I’m sure “must” have an interest in forex) would be thrilled to have a look into the real life “trials and tribulations” of a real life forex trader…although seamingly – such is not the case.

Oh well..I will continue to do the best I can, and look forward to the day, blessed with a “front row seat” in the listings……….recognized as a  “forex blog”.

Scuze the plug you guys…..but I gotta swim with the sharks here – and every post can’t be a “doozy”.




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  1. [email protected] April 8, 2013 / 9:36 pm

    Stay the course.
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  2. Power Corrupts April 9, 2013 / 3:16 am

    if it’s any consolation, i have your blog bookmarked and check in every day to read your posts…

  3. illutionz April 9, 2013 / 5:47 am

    Google be damned. You are in my Daily bookmark folder that I open everyday alongside my email,, Bloomberg, and BBC News. Keep up the fantastic work!

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