Work Hard – Stick To Your Roots

It’s funny you know….the stories we’ve  heard from our parents.

The stories they told of  “how hard it was” and of the struggles they faced. Stories of  “the way it was” and the sacrifice needed…..if only just to survive.

As a child I likely didn’t listen much. Only now in this “attempt at adulthood” am I truly thankful to have learned many, many important things from my parents. Among other things, based in the fact that they never had it easy.

There was no family money. There was no house to inherit, no business to take on, no riches stashed away for the future purchase of additional “silver spoons”. My parents worked hard.

I work hard.

Without these “stories of struggle and sacrifice”, without these “tales of triumph”, these examples of “strength in the face of adversity” – who would I be? What would I have become?

Well…….I have my own stories now. And as my parents may grow “equally disinterested” as I may have been as a boy – I guess it all comes around full circle.

Trading is the most difficult challenge you will ever face – for reasons you are currently not aware.

Word hard……………………stick to your roots.

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  1. fuzz April 11, 2013 / 6:12 pm

    Thanks kong you 100% right

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