Mexican Entrepreneurship – Start Young

So I finish at the gym here this morning and decide to take a little time down at  the beach.

I walk a considerable ways (avoiding  the tourists at all costs) and find myself a nice quiet spot about a mile north of the usual “european action”.

No sooner than I’m sat down, I spot a small mexican boy no more than 5 years old (I’m guessing even younger) trudging down the beach – headed my way. Swimming in his oversized shorts, cute as a button and  brown as chocolate chips, he plunks down beside me, wipes his brow and asks:

“Hola senior. Tienes 10 pesos por fa vor?”

I wrestle some change out of my side pocket while asking “where are your parents little friend? – and why are you walking the beach all by yourself?

“Gracias Senior! Pero, no tengo tiempo para hablar……….estoy trabajando!”

The lil guy says thanks, but he doesn’t have time to talk………..he’s working!

The market “gong show” continues with even more “bad data” out of the U.S and further indication that recession is likely well in play – but of course markets continue higher as the smoke and mirrors continues a little while longer.

You know – there was a time when this kind of poor data / indicators actually meant something – a time before Central Banks intervention. The scary thing is people start to believe……… that things are actually improving.

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  1. 4x.zombie May 1, 2013 / 8:32 am

    Greetings Kong,

    Thank you for the cogent market analysis you share. It has helped me make sense of, and profit from, the bizarro world we currently inhabit.

    I agree, the Mexican kid in your brief interlude was very cute. Underlying that aspect is the terrible state of affairs where begging is the best shot at survival. Where people have been conditioned to accept begging (and even picking pockets in it’s many forms) honorable and acceptable. (No sense getting into the Capitalist, Socialist, Liberty, Tyranny discussion here.)

    I have seen the same begging in the Philippines and India. Often, the parent is a block away watching. The kid is punished if he gives up too easily.

    I also admit I’d probably get a mask and a gun in order to feed my family.

    • Forex Kong May 1, 2013 / 11:31 am

      Yo Zombie!

      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog – its been a bit of a grind these past few days.

      Yes the lil guy on the beach kinda poked me in the heart – but I do try my best not to support it here. I agree with you 100% – it’s terrible really.

      I separate all my cans / bottles / garbage here, and leave the “good stuff” outside the bin. It’s usually gone within minutes.

      I love the people here, and can say the same for most I’ve known in many a poor country.

      Most people have absolutely no idea how lucky they are.

  2. Chris Sargent May 1, 2013 / 9:24 am

    The market and reality are two different things , what they have in common is live spans , ley two have a beginning and an end.

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