Stunned At The Bullishness – Risk Off

I am absolutely stunned!

I’ve been on and on about this for literally months now….watching TLT seeing the trouble ahead with bonds, and in turn the USD  – as equities are ALWAYS the last to go!

This should have served as a roadmap for your preparation – and at this point there really are no excuses.

This market has absolutely tonnes of room for correction. I can see several JPY pairs easily shaving -1000 pips and still maintaining there trends, and USD has got nothing but “air” underneath it here all the way down to like… 79.00

In any case – I don’t suggest taking this lightly as my “short U.S equities” has also been triggered.

Good luck all.

3% more overnight alone on Long JPY trades that equate to one thing…and one thing only.


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