My Readers -Thank You For This

If the age-old saying that “idle hands are the devils workshop” holds any truth, I imagine myself a “shoo in” for the lead role should anyone ever take it to the big screen. As a boy I usually managed to get my school work done quite quickly, spending the majority of my time “pestering the hell” out of anyone within reach.

I was bored.

I didn’t know I was bored. Only that, with little else filling my time I “always” seemed to be “reaching out” ( he he he…. ) looking for something else to occupy my mind. For the most part this usually just meant “getting into trouble”.

These days ( dare I say ) little has changed.

I don’t “do well” when I’ve got nothing to do, and considering that I’ve been more or less “out in the jungle” some 15 years now – a number of other factors have also come into play.

“Survival” is generally not something that most people consider day-to-day.

Safe n sound in the daily grind, most people “may” see the odd “touch n go situation” in their lives ( if any ), and that likely wouldn’t include hanging their asses and entire life’s worth/savings on the line DAILY – choosing to “trade forex” as a means to get by.

Some might say it’s crazy….but for me “anything less crazy” would likely have me “well down the path” with our “pointy tailed friend in the red suit”………….and we don’t want that.

I want to thank everyone who reads here, and that contributes here.

This blog has become a significant part of my daily life – a good part of my life.

Thank you for this.


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  1. Peter August 31, 2013 / 5:52 pm

    Forex Kong,
    Rest assured am reading your posts (in New Zealand) and enjoy them. I am fascinated that you are “walking the talk” and actually making a living out of trading, showing the ‘nay-say-ers’ , the people who say ‘it can’t be done’, wrong. As if a regular job is “safe” – one can be made redundant in a whiffy!
    Keep them coming!

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