Trade Plans – Moving Faster Than Can Be

I’ve taken profits “again” here this morning on anything and everything related to the U.S dollar as well “risk” in general. It’s been a touch frustrating spending this last week “toiling away” under the daily barrage of headlines coming out of Washington, and as the days wind down to the “ultimate stand-off” on raising the debt ceiling limit – the likelihood of resolution increases.

These buffoons can’t possibly be so stupid as to actually risk default, and yet another damaging ( if not killer ) blow to American credibility on the world stage. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more embarrassing for a country’s government, as daily news “across the entire planet” has this “top of the list” of blunders – LET ALONE THAT IT’S 100% COMPLETELY SELF IMPOSED!

It won’t be war, and it won’t be terrorism oh no…no natural disaster or alien invasion will do it nope. The American government can just step right up and get the job done itself. Absolutely unreal.

Trade wise….there is no doubt the media / Wall Street will “rejoice” a resolution, and rejoice in the knowledge that the ponzi scheme is safe and sound for another couple of months.

Commodity related currencies have traded flat as pancakes, GBP has pulled back,  and for the most part its been a complete “ghost town” out there leading up to this trainwreck completing.

I’m up 3% and back on the sidelines – waiting a day or two to see how things shake out, looking to take a shot at the “pop” on resolution. Then “back with the bears” into the new year.

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  1. Ze Weziman October 10, 2013 / 8:09 am

    Great Writings. PHD clicking is with you. I clicked all the green color put in my pocket and looking at the skyline of HK. With two trillions owing to Japan and China who in the right mind play such game.
    We do not take such trust abuse on this side of the globe.
    WW [Stand for Wise Woman with PHD -Push Here Dummy]

    • Forex Kong October 10, 2013 / 8:16 am

      I agree with you 100% as it is “beyond irresonsible” for these fellows in America do “hold markets hostage” while fighting like little kids out on the playground. I find it even more “alarming” that they will most certainly “celebrate” when more spending / printing / ponzi is pushed through and everyone can get back to their lives – working for the banks.

      I’m glad your trading is going well!

      We’ve got some good trades coming soon!

      • Ze Weziman October 10, 2013 / 8:30 am

        Regarding the “We’ve got some good trades coming soon!” do tell and do share.
        I do need some mentoring.
        I wanted to send you two award winning of Gorrila photos
        Email me.

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