Markets Standing Still – Forex, Commodity Recap

You can’t “make” this stuff move any faster.

As much as I wish I had a “new signal” every couple of hours – unfortunately that’s not the way it works. Here we are “yet again” looking at for a catalyst, with nearly every single thing under the sun – trading “oh so perfectly flat”.

  • Gold is currently trading at the same price as it was back in July (1270.area) once again touching the low-end of the range – 5 months running.
  • Pull up any forex chart involving the Yen / JPY and see that for the most part “they too” are currently at the same price going back as far as May! – 6 months later……same price today.
  • Oil has taken a trip over the past 6 months alright…up from around 92.00 back in May to 110 – and now? 92.00 again.

If you’d have been abducted by aliens in May, and not been returned back to Earth until this morning – you’d not have missed a single thing. As a trader it’s been a grind,  as an investor it’s been “time travel” of the worst kind, with 6 months spent going absolutely no where.

For anyone who has managed to squeeze a “single penny” out of this thing over the past 6 months – you should certainly count yourself as having some skills. I congratulate you – as you must be doing something right.

If this is what it means to have “markets screaming to all time highs” then I’m not entirely sure we’re all looking at the same things. Looks like flat to down to me.


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