So Now You're Interested – A Little Late no?

Wow…..And equally hilarious.

Now the blog traffic “blows off the roof” after what? You’ve lost another 5%?


What you continually fail to understand is that…by the time you’ve heard the television tell you things might not look “so pretty” – your account is already in the red and you are scrambling to find answers from completely anonymous people on the internet.

Great strategy.

Wow.That’s what I call an informed investor.Smart.

Ya…let’s wait until half our “years profits” have been absorbed in a matter of hours…and better yet….lets call our broker or banker to ask for advice. Can you imagine in a million years they would ever suggest that now is a time to sell??


I do my best to keep you “in the know” but frankly….at this point…..screw it – you’re on your own.

I’ve done all I can.

Buy the dip people…….and let me know when you “sell ” with all your profits – exactly at the top.

Gimme a break.

It’s “account liquidation time”. Ya that’s right…….”your account”.




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  1. DimSum January 28, 2014 / 5:38 am

    Why are you pissed? Your blog is great, I’m a reader since early 2013 and I love your insight and take on things moving the economy and fx markets.
    Always a pleasure to read you!

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