Seeing Any Cracks People? – Copper Demolished

For as many years as I’ve been trading and analyzing markets I’ve been told time and time again….watch copper.

If you want to get a good bead on global growth / demand just make the simple connection between “that” and the obvious need for copper.

You can’t build a building without it, you can’t build a car without it, and you can´t produce anything “electronic” without it so…..I guess that about covers it.

It’s been widely correlated with “China’s growth” as a general bellweather for continued expansion and development.

Nice chart below. I guess the default of China’s Chaori Solar Energy may have caught a couple of peoples attention. Smart people anyway.



The Aussie Dollar ( my synthetic “short China” play from a few days ago ) getting hammered as we speak.

And who’s saying that saying a keen eye on the fundamentals doesn’t do much for their trading?

Not me.

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  1. Franky March 11, 2014 / 12:47 pm

    Contgratulations Kong, Aussie going down nice, too bad I was taken out close to the top. I cannot imagine trading without stop loss, for that I would have to trade really really small (or with really really big account).

    • Careydina March 11, 2014 / 11:14 pm

      Yes trading must have stop loss, as well as patients too. Otherwise it will be so sad to cut loss. I was patiently to wait for my GBP/USD, as well as AUD/JPY. At least closed with profits. AUD/JPY not yet closed, awaiting for lower levels.(at least 100 pips more)
      Currently still have NZD/USD, this pairs has been strong, “rate hikes” is coming too. (*Worried) lolz…

  2. devilyell March 11, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    Hi Kong and All,

    I appreciate your on-going fundy analysis K. It reinforces my own research and beliefs. Astronomical money printing and it’s commensurate debt mean that Inflation and rising interest rates are inevitable. The only question is when?

    When “when” arrives, be it 2 years, or two months, the great slide will begin and continue for a long time. Thirty year bubbles in stocks, bonds, real estate, personal spending, gov’t. spending and the dollar will burst. Jobs, what jobs?

    I think some of us, including myself, sometimes have difficulty applying the fundy, macro situation to the proper time horizon (position holding period).

    I remain short A/U until the cows…I mean, the shit hits the fan.

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