Sold As Suggested – Top Call Vindicated

This is being sold – as suggested.

The Nikkei is now down an additional -430 points, so only another “couple 1000 more points lower” to go on this “next leg down” – as suggested. Watching for 11,500 or 12,000 area.

The Nikkei leads as the money printing in Japan ( and it’s use in buying U.S equities ) has been driving the last legs of this….as U.S big boys have been selling you “their own stock” for months now, while the Fed cash just sits with the banks – as suggested.

There’s really not much more to say about it, as even if / when some “new nominal spike” takes SP / Dow prices near highs again, then again….and even “again” – it’s just more desperation / attempt to keep the ponzi alive a little bit longer.

Talk about a cynic, as I’ll be watching out for “false flags” anytime soon, with the U.S media machine and government clowns look for anything they can possibly muster  – to get people’s eyes off this.

Declaration of war next? Alien invasion?

Let’s see what they come up with next.






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