USD Repatriation – Up Before Down

Repatriation – is the process of returning a person to their place of origin or citizenship. This includes the process of returning refugees or military personnel to their place of origin following a war.The term may also refer to the process of converting a foreign currency into the currency of one’s own country.

So from a financial perspective – it’s the currency part of it we’re concerned about.

Don’t you find it interesting how… just when you’ve finally got a handle on the current fundamental issues and geo political concerns that “may” influence movements of a given currency – things start moving in the complete opposite direction?

Huh? Dollar going up? Well……I thought the U.S Dollar was doomed?

Well…..( after weeks of me going on about it ) you “now” have a much better understanding of what’s “really going on” with respect to the U.S and it’s concerns / involvement in The Ukraine right?

Russia continues to “call the bluff” and continues to move forward ( along with her good buddy China ) in creating and promoting trade agreements “outside use of the U.S Dollar” – representing likely one of the “largest and most serious threats” to the U.S “global domination campaign” of our time.

The U.S can’t have this, as it represents a major, major , MAJOR blow to the dollar’s status as the  “global reserve currency” and throws a big monkey wrench into the U.S plans to “print and export toilet paper” – keeping  the ponzi scheme alive a while longer.

They will go to war over this. I guarantee it. They will go to war before letting go of this “insane privilege” as it serves as the very backbone for their ultimate plans.

The east has had it, and has finally decided enough is enough.

So…..before the U.S Dollar can “fall off the side of a cliff” and in “preparation” for such an event many investors will begin “selling/closing” investments financed in USD abroad, and bring that money home FIRST. Get it?

An example:

If you thought the shit was gonna hit the fan and had recently bought a summer home in Italy lets say……you might now consider “selling that home in EUR” and in turn sending / taking that money BACK HOME TO AMERICA ( converted to good ol USD) – where you’ll feel safe/ better knowing your investment isn’t at risk and your money is “safe” back in your piggy bank.

You see? Repatriation. Reee-paaat-reeee-a-shaaawn.

A simple concept with massive implications.

USD needs to go up up up up up ( as investors “unwind” investments abroad) and bring those babies home.

Only “then” to see them further reduced to toilet paper.


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