I Flip You Over – Wall Street Confetti

I’m deep in hiding now – as the “clowns of New York” seek to rally the resources necessary to silence me.

Newsletter writers and financial bloggers abound -“down in flames and outright pissed” as the “crystal coconut of Kong” continues to show the way.

A passing of the torch if you will. A “changing of the guard”.

What can be said?

You live in a cement bubble, filled with plastic cards and shiny things. You live “within the ornament” atop the dashboard of my spacebike.

I flip you over. I see you fall. I laugh.

I do it again, and again…..then again.

Standing on your head – you’ve got nothing, and “in your head” even less as…….you are hollow.

Frail shells, housing a network of tiny cables…….woven from deceit.

I flip you over and I laugh, and I laugh, and I laugh again.

I flip you over.

You “are” Wall Street confetti.


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  1. Hedge April 22, 2014 / 10:44 pm

    Hahaha. Go get them!

  2. Farhan Nasir (@FaniNasir) April 23, 2014 / 12:20 am

    well that’s a relief to see AUD going down ,,i have a question read on different sites that now that CPI no have missed big time ,, rate hike from RBA can be expected in Q4 of 2014 . why i mean isnt the economy down , export isnt well with this currency still at a higher level and rate hike will send it more up hurting exports more ?
    plus what’s with the clash between government and RBA over AUD strength government wants a lower AUD and is against RBA neutral stance about the AUD …

  3. PlayThePlan April 23, 2014 / 4:23 am

    Problem is RBA and govt want a lower currency but they keep talking it up by stating bulls**t such as, “AUD economy now less dependent on China and commodities and that the AUD economy is now gaining strength due to domestic consumption”. Utter crap in my opinion but lots of long/medium funds eating all that crap up and buying AUD for it’s yield. Same goes for NZD.

    Despite bad Chinese data and no future easing due form China, markets still believe easing will come which is holding up the mass exodus.

    As Kong rightly said in one of the articles today, all institutions in the know are slowly getting out and leaving the masses holding the bag.

    The patients of saints is needed.

    • devilyell April 23, 2014 / 9:44 am

      Well said PTP (PlayThePlan).
      RBA says down (for months) and Aud goes up.
      The search for yield and faith in China are good points you said.

      Some have written that the strongest things about China are they have enough money to bail out their banks, they are no longer using their $3 trillion war chest to buy $ assets, and they are not using $ to buy oil & gas.

      I’ve also read that their practice of declaring 7% GDP growth, and then spending whatever is needed on surplus, domestic construction to make it so is no longer sustainable. Wall Street has been betting on a rising Yuan but pending unwinds of the Yuan carry trade (sell $, buy CNY) due to the global risk picture, will create the opposite.

      Reading tea leaves is easy compared to reading bulls**t!

      • Forex Kong April 23, 2014 / 10:09 am

        Great stuff Dev, and you’ve got it.

        I keep hearing bullshit media suggesting that China will simply “print / stimulate etc” and once again – nothing to worry about people, but this is simply not true.

        The reforms underway in China are MEANT to tighten things up, reduce ridiculous lending, allow bunk biznezzez to go belly up, and turn “inward” focusing on building / encouraging a domestic ” consumer based economy “.

        I’ve written it here in like 50 different posts I’m sure. China “wants / needs to slow” and get the system cleaned up.

        They have started this process now, and ya – global growth and in turn “global appetite for risk” is gonna go on a diet.

  4. devilyell April 23, 2014 / 9:46 am

    Hey Kong,
    So you think I AM a megalomaniac???!!!!!

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