Monster Trades Setting Up! – Monster!

You would seriously have to have your head stuck so far underneath the sand as to “not” see what’s shaping up here that….well…..whatever.

The Japanese Nikkei has indeed rolled over as suggested and the YEN is on fire. Commodity currencies are getting trampled left and right, and even a pile of the stupid parts of the U.S equities markets ( $tran – Transports swinging high, and $BKX banking index creating “yet another” lower high ) continue to show fatigue.

Trading markets with a single sided “bias” isn’t trading – it’s hoping.

When you’ve got this kind of this information taken directly from the “largest, most liquid, most widely traded market on the entire freaking planet” ( the forex market ) looking you directly between the eyes….what else do you need?

Maybe a nice 3 or 4 days of big fat solid , ugly red candles will do the trick for you then…..but  of course….by then it will already be much too late.

Heed to the sun setting on Japan. Take heed risk takers! Take heed!

I’ll need to smack you in the face with a sushi roll if you don’t pull up your charts and start finding a way to get long the Japanese Yen and short Japanese stocks. The U.S to follow.

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  1. Patrick April 24, 2014 / 1:02 pm

    What do you think about Gold? Pretty wild day.

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