Intraday Rinse Job – No One Wins

Why are you evening trying?

Assume the fetal position underneath your bed, and just stay there until this thing passes over.

Oh I mean passes “lower”.

Another complete “intraday rinse job” for those poor souls attempting to win back their paper profits, and continue maxing out their credit cards on shit martini’s and over priced parking.

Perhaps you’ll have a better understanding of this a couple of “big fat red candles” down the road.

What can I suggest?

Gimme a break. It’s “been” suggested.

You’re on your own now.



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  1. Rob April 28, 2014 / 3:42 pm

    Neat stuff Kong, you are right. This thing continues to grind, and grind and grind. The market is testing the waters to see if patience is in our “repertoire..”

    Cheers bud

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