Because You're Mine – I Walk The Line

Another day……another “year stripped from your life” with respect to the amount of stress / tension / anxiety and general frustration you “harbor and absorb” as a trader. I imagine investors as well – feeling a bit of a pinch as “indecision” continues to rule supreme.

Monday’s are no time for decision-making anyway, and should just as quickly be stricken from your future trading plans. Don’t look to trade “jack shit” on Monday. Period.

1876. Fudge.

A bit of a mouthful but..for the number of times I’ve seen it appear as a significant level in SP 500 , I will now consider it for the name of my future pet, be it of this planet or another – human, canine or other.

This seriously can’t go on much longer as nothing moves in a straight line ( however flat ) forever.

The endless debate. Up or down – tiring to say the least.

My take? As wacky as it may be?

Time and price intersect when the “time” and “price” are right ( a topic for another day ).

I think we’ve got our price so… we’ve just got to let “time” do it’s thing – and all will be clear.

Check out “risk in general” as seen over the past 4 months via JPY / The Japanese Yen futures.




The Fed’s got it that “tightening” is now the path forward ( if you actually believe that ) so….this current talk of The European Central Bank “now” looking at QE?? As well the Bank of Japan looking at “further QE”??

Something doesn’t quite fit if you’ve any idea how this all fits together…

The Central Banks need “coordinated effort” to keep these balls in the air so…we’ve got to see this resolve shortly as the message is unclear.

Is the punchbowl getting refilled? Or is the party finally over?

I can assure you ……another couple of points in the SP is “no indication”.

Ugly “two day candle formations” across the board as clearly…both bulls and bears take another hit. “Time” can grind your mind and your account to pieces….and they’ve got all the time in the world. Stay safe. Make no big decisions, protect profits and at least “imagine” how you might consider making money in a bear market.



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  1. Anonymous May 5, 2014 / 6:23 pm

    Well, flight to safety usually points to an up move in Utilities (XLU), I suppose an inspection is in order of underlying stocks. 4 or 5 seem to be ready for a pop if currency moves are too small right now. Even using currency ETF’s not much movement

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