Next Week's Market Mover – Guaranteed

It’s now become clear me, what the “media” will sight as the “catalyst” next week – justifying the continued fall of U.S Equity prices.

Even with Putin’s suggestion to “delay” the referendum vote this weekend in Eastern Ukraine ( as Putin already know’s the people of Eastern Ukraine will vote to separate ), the people are moving “full steam ahead” with Sunday’s vote – right on track.

Once the people of Eastern Ukraine vote in favor of separating ( which undoubtedly they will ) this will then put tremendous pressure on Putin to then “step up and protect them”, as opposed to “quietly sitting on the sidelines” as he has thus far.

The dynamic of Eastern Ukraine voting to separate may actually “force” Putin to move forward into the area and “protect those citizens” who’ve will have then clearly pledged their allegiance to Mother Russia. Putin doesn’t want war, and has had absolutely “no intentions of invading Ukraine” even “suggesting” that they delay the vote.

The eager citizens of Eastern Ukraine ( passionate and enthusiastic to join Russia ) may inadvertently put their new leader in a precarious position.

On release of the news some time next week, you can bet your bottom dollar “Russia invades Ukraine” news plastered ‘cross American T.V screens coast to coast, where in reality Russians living in Eastern Ukraine will likely be the ones under attack by Washington’s “puppet army” from Kiev.

Leave the people of Eastern Ukraine alone “Obomba”, and watch these people make this decision for themselves.

Putin has absolutely “nothing” to do with it.

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