You Doubt Everything – So Tread Lightly

You doubt everything right now.

Day to-day you question everything. The endless sea of “arrows pointing this way” or “arrows pointing that way”, the bullish argument or in turn, the bearish. Everyone’s got “a reason for this ” and a “reason for that” all with a million bullet points and charts to equally support “either view”.

You know nothing.

I know nothing, short of the fact that “when in question” – one should always tread lightly.

Are you treading lightly?

Predicting the future is a fool’s game, let alone putting one’s faith in “someone else’s prediction”…I mean seriously.

Ice skating as a kid…..we’d “at least” take a stick and give the lake “a couple of pokes” before moving out the nets. Even at that, once in while we’d hear that ice make a big “craaaack” and see a big fat “white line” materialize in an instant beneath our feet. Needless to say, we grabbed our shit and high tailed it back to shore in a hurry.

It’s frustrating I know, but it is what it is…..and if you consider “skating on thin ice” playing any part in your current trading plan well………it goes without saying….you’re gambling not trading.

You may enjoy the sensation of crisp cool air blowing ‘cross your face, or the freedom of “moving fast” over the smooth shiny surface but if you really want to play ….you’ve still got to lace up those skates, put on that long underwear, and on occasion – go hunting for that puck lost deep in the mounds of snow.

Obviously it’s not easy. But didn’t your dad ever tell you that “nothing worth while” is easy? I thought it was common knowledge.

You doubt everything today. You doubt yourself. You doubt the silly decisions you’ve made based on “what other people” have suggested, and you question if you’ve even got the stones to do this at all.

Tread lightly. Start making decisions for yourself, and don’t let this get the best of you.

A little scare once in a while is fine – but hypothermia is a whole different story.



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    • Forex Kong May 28, 2014 / 4:19 pm

      Hey Farhan…..yes it looks like most have come along to the Members area.

  1. @frenchdna May 29, 2014 / 11:16 am

    Following our convo in the members area a few days ago i feel this was written for me. You’re preaching to the choir here.

    Did some ice hockey for maybe 18 months back when i was in high school. I was terrible at it but at least now i can brag on how good i am on skates anytime anywhere there is ice skating. Good memories playing this sport. The hardest i’ve played in terms of intensity.

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