Forex Market Solved – Here's What's Next

It’s unfortunate that we’ve been so patient these days, only to now find the odd “profitable trade” finding itself slightly “back in the red” – with the huge ramp up in both The Nikkei as well SP 500 ( our risk barometers ) on absolutely no news “if not” bad news.

So is forex.

The great news however is…..we’ve “still” not missed a thing! and for those who’ve been slightly “wary” of the current trade environment ( wonderful…as you well should be ) a number of trade opportunities are not only “very much in play” but perhaps even “better looking” than some days or even weeks ago.

Let’s take a quick recap.

Short AUD/JPY here “again” at 95.00 or ( as I often suggest ) several pips lower and allow the market “momentum” come to you.



Re short GBP/JPY here at 171.80 area is the exact same entry we took some days ago then banked 200 pips on it! Exact same thing – right here right now.

With over 900 pips banked in the last 30 days, this is setting up pretty sweet for a complete and total “re run” as markets continue to hang at all time highs.

We’ve got piles of trades in the works now, with the “near to medium term analysis” in the bag.

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  1. Rob June 3, 2014 / 1:33 pm

    Hey Kong,

    Perhaps this question would have been better suited for your previous post but let me ask you this. Regarding low volume and low market volatility, when in the hell do you think this thing could break? I recall in a previous post you were saying a new degree of patience is required for these times, but my thing is, do you think the ECB and the rest of the data this week might trigger some movement for the rest of year?

    If not, what do you think will? I mean shit, 2014 looking back at charts has been the most bland year to me by far.


    • Forex Kong June 3, 2014 / 1:38 pm

      I think when the “flood happens” it will be fast and furious yes but then unfortunately and likely….back to more of this.

      The turn from “buy to sell” being the biggest hurdle, and yes I believe disapointment / baked cake come Thursday as Draghi’s hands are tied anyway “should” be the pivot.

      But you know Rob “even if” this is the case…..I envision we’ll get a large fast move catching “nearly everyone” offside…..then a “wild whipsaw” back to catch everyone on the “otherside” than an extended period of “this” before the next leg down etc…

      It will be pretty disheartening to miss this next one and not take full advantage as…’s been pretty much 5 months without having to fight / scratch and crawl for every single penny.

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