If Not Balls – You Still Have Faith

You know….It’s pretty tough to teach someone to “grow a pair”.

There will always be that certain kind of person….afraid to stand to close to the edge, scared half to death of “doing something different”, completely freaked out about “most anything” that hasn’t already  been tried, tested and proven “safe”. A real “straight edge” if you know what I’m getting at. A real “puss-puss” in other terms. You know what I’m talking about? You know someone like this?


What a complete and total bore.

What kills me, is when these kinds of people “somehow” stumble into the trading / investing / financial world with actual hopes of succeeding! Like they expect “for whatever reason” that the world will be kind to them and help them along. The complete and total misconception that “everything will be alright” and “if I just stay positive…everything is going to be fine”.

( sound of iratating buzzer going off on some ridiculous game show ) Beeeeegh!!

Wrong. You lose. Thanks for coming out. Please exit stage left, and don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out.

Puss- puss’s don’t win, and from what I’ve come to understand….there’s no changing them. Once a puss-puss “always” a puss puss.

This thing is a street fight. You’ve got to imagine yourself with a skull half bashed in “swinging for the fences” against 4 or 5 guys twice your size ( true story by the way ) lookin to make you go “bye bye” for good!

You need to fight! You need to grow a freakin pair!

I can show you what I’m doing……and I can tell you what I think. But it’s you and only you!…..that needs to push the buttons.

Faith is bullshit, and last time I looked – balls are real.






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  1. Fuzzybid June 12, 2014 / 5:51 pm

    Crude oil 2008 all over again that will also fuck the economy and the crash

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