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I’m pretty sure that markets will take the 3rd and final “zig/zag” of this correction on the Fed statement tomorrow afternoon.

The Fed must align with the “already downward sloping projections” of both the IMF as well World Bank “admitting” – global growth ( and along with it – U.S growth ) is firmly on the decline.

I expect this to kick off the last little leg down, before ( god knows for what reason other than Central Bank intervention ) markets make one last shot for the highs – completing the “projected market direction” from last weeks report.

Investors may want to consider the next month even, as the last and final stop / place to consider taking serious steps towards portfolio liquidation / protection and a complete “changing of the guard” if you will.

Holding stocks after this final push higher will have you sitting in loss for much longer than it could possibly be worth ( short of the piddly dividends ) tieing up dollars that could easily produce much better returns “actively traded” on the short side so……please be warned. Buy and hold will not survive here. Period. You’re a complete and total idiot holding stocks past Sept – and I will mark this post / welcome you to look back and quote me in fact…..I’m marking it, and will look back to tell you so….

Traders can take a shot at it ( as I will be ) catching the next turn higher and taking it for what it is – a trade.

I will quite likely just “stop and reverse” on EUR/USD, GBP/USD ( re-enter short ) and USD/CHF at the bottom of this correction, sell USD/JPY as well the SP short  – and leave the JPY’s flat / re-evaluate the commodity currencies as……I don’t really expect these to “rocket ship higher” based on a crummy “last-ditch effort” in equity markets.

In any case……watch for another leg lower here in risk on “Fed admission” of lower projected growth in the U.S – then prepare for a quick turn and “last-ditch effort” ( which could still run for weeks if not months ) before markets turn for good late Aug / early Sept.

For members – Real time trades to follow in your inbox. I’m holding all now and will likely add short SP 500 to average in “after Fed” tomorrow, with plans to blow out this trade a few days later.

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  1. $tuart June 17, 2014 / 7:07 pm

    I still believe the SP500 will hit 2000 before it goes down.
    U know how the big boys love their targets…….

    • Forex Kong June 17, 2014 / 8:03 pm

      Last weeks trade strategy has us taking a shot at this correction….with plans to stop / reverse at the last shot at the highs right?

      2000…..1950….1985…..all amount to about 2 full days trading so…..picking an exact number is ridiculous.

      You are just as likely to be “exactly right”…..or “exactly wrong”…..I don’t care.

      What’s a couple days trading when you’re positioning for the next year or two downward?

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