Yellen Must Get Hawkish – Doves Will Cry

To garner even the tiniest amount of respect over the next few days….Janey Yellen “must” do something to forewarn markets / prepare investors for the inevitable “unwinding” – coming soon to a theatre near you.

It would be completely irresponsible for Yellen ( at this point ) to continue looking into the camera with those “beady little eyes”, suggesting that interest rates aren’t going up ( much sooner than markets are currently pricing in ) with the continued stance that “no bubbles are seen” and that all is going according to plan.

I believe it’s come to the point now…..where even the “just shut up and buy the dip / The Fed’s got your back crowd” would just as well get the signal here soon…….as they’ve pushed this about as far as “even they” think is possible.

Interest rates are on the rise much faster The Fed cares to make mention of, and this “playing dumb” act has about run it’s course.

I encourage everyone to take “extra special notice” over the next few days as to “what Yellen says” and more importantly “how markets interpret / react” as…..

If The U.S Fed had even the smallest shred of human decency ( which we already know it doesn’t ) now would be the time to “give the market a little heads up”.

The massive positions / time it takes to unwind has this so  ridiculously”one-sided” that without an appropraite amount of time… may just see everyone run for the exits all at once.

It’s 100% up to Yellen.

She can make this “somewhat orderly” or she can roll the dice another turn, and have this thing tank later.

That’s what I call a free market baby. That what I call – America!




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