Microsoft To Cut 18,000 Jobs – Recovery On!

Good morning everyone.

A little frustrated yet? ( Seriously……you can’t make this stuff up. ) Yet another “overnight session” with The Nikkei turned away at the top of this “every lasting range”, SP 500 “breaking its upward trendline” and EU stocks still weak – but hanging on.

Absolutely “agonizing price action” here during these low volume summer days.

Under any “normal circumstances” I’d be pushing the pedal to the metal here considering we are literally “on the cusp” of risk rolling over, and our correction taking place but…..these are certainly not “normal circumstances”. Volatility has been squashed as The Fed and our friendly Central Banks have literally “killed speculation”.

If in general I wasn’t so aggressive / willing to slug it out….some of the best advice I’d give ( at least for new comers ) would be to just keep positions small, and find a way to deal with this “psychologically” as……’s really come down to that.

This thing will have you question every single strategy, every single technical indicator and every single you “thought you knew” about trading. Don’t let it get to you. It’s a market condition “rarely seen” and it’s this way by design.

You’d have to imagine that “there really are no people” in the market right now.

With summer holidays in full swing, the general lack of volume, the “overly involved” Central Banks and of course the HFT machines….we’ve really just got “a bunch of computers trading small lots to one another” keepin the dream alive.

We threw fundamentals out the window some time ago.

It looks like Obama is gonna keep poking that stick into the “Russian bee hive” still looking to get some kind of reaction out of the cool , calm and collective Putin who continues to exercise patience. Careful there Obama……keep poking and you might just get stung.

Of course…..that’s what Obama is hoping for, as now it appears he will go  to the absolute lowest levels to provoke Russia, get his “war underway” and keep that reserve currency ponzi going as long as he possibly can. Careful there Obama.

Oh…..and Microsoft announcing they will cut 18,000 jobs this year.

Now if that’s not a sign of economic recovery I don’t know what is??

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  1. Pro Muppet July 17, 2014 / 1:58 pm

    Hey Kong!

    Can I send you a classic email, please?
    (If so, just mail me your address.)

    Either way, thank so much man, and please feel free to delete this comment.

  2. Gary July 18, 2014 / 12:30 am

    The Fed has printed trillions in their attempt to create a “wealth effect”. Now if one makes a billion dollar mistake you can just say opps and try something different. On the other hand if you make a 12 trillion dollar mistake there is absolutely no way to admit you f**ked up and start over. The only option is to keep printing more and more and more hoping at some point you will get the result you want. In the meantime you have to employ every method wither legal or illegal to keep the ponzi scheme going.

    Certainly at some point the market will break free of this constant Fed intervention, and when it does the fallout of trying to prevent the market from going where it was meant to go will generate a much bigger move down than if they had just let the market trade naturally with normal corrective moves. The question is when will the market break free of Fed control? It could be tomorrow or it could be months down the road.

    • Forex Kong July 18, 2014 / 6:43 am

      Ya I think we’ve all got that part figured out by now.

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