Worlds Largest Pension Fund – Buying Japanese Stocks

The Nikkei has just moved 340 points higher on rumour that Yasuhisa Shiozaki ( who has been advocating for the GPIF to reduce allocation to domestic bonds ), may be appointed the Health Minister ( so what? ) when Abe announces his new cabinet tomorrow.

The GPIF ( The Government Investment Pension Fund ) The world’s largest pension fund ( yes a Japanese fund not American ) is expected to increase purchase of Japanese shares to 20 percent of holdings and reduce domestic bonds to 40 percent.

With the market way ahead of itself here it’s the actual “timing” of said purchases that is still unknown. The fund would need to buy an additional 3.5 trillion yen of domestic stocks to reach the 20 percent target, so the “span of time these purchases would be made over” is key. The fund will announce its new asset allocations in the fall – according to GPIF investment committee chairman Yasuhiro Yonezawa.

Both Gold and the Japanese Yen got absolutely demolished overnight, with fear “once again abated” having the largest pension fund on the planet now suggest it’s ready to “step it up” in support of the ponzi we’ve all come to love.

This comes as tough news for Kong as I’ve been trying to “get long JPY” on the inevitable turn, so it remains to be seen if this will manifest as a simple “spike” or develop into something larger. My initial thoughts are “nothing can save Japan” and that this only goes further to affirm the complete and total desperation currently sweeping the land of the sinking sun.

Regardless – one has to respect that a player as large as The GPIF most certainly has the ability to “ruin your day” should they decide to go all in.

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  1. Joe September 2, 2014 / 10:39 pm


    Just wondering what has been working for you recently…

    You were/are long EURUSD, JPYUSD, GPBUSD, short AUDUSD and whatever else if I’m not mistaken… EURUSD going to test 1.30 soon, almost guarantee… USDJPY going to blow through 105 highs soon, most certainly… GPB still too many longs on the boat they need to capitulate…

    Are you stopped out and changing your views? Not much resistance nearby in DX yet… to the moon alice!

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