Selling The Rip – Earnings To Disappoint

The SP 500 has now broken below a critical area, suggesting that further losses ( over the next several weeks ) will be seen. But of course, right around the time you figure that out – markets also look set to bounce.

This “bounce” ( however great or small ) will only provide greater opportunity to continue shorting – just at higher prices.

Dip buyers will unfortunately be met with “the dip that turned into a dive”.

Regardless of near term price action over the next couple of days, what people need to understand is that we’ve turned a corner, and that as per The Nikkei in Japan ( leading us lower for several days prior to The SP finally rolling over ) any idea of a “new string of higher highs and higher lows” is very likely out of the question.

I don’t expect higher prices in Japanese stocks period so……as nearly every single index globally has now broken below significant lines of support it’s fair to say that indeed – a significant top has finally been reached.

“Selling the rips” now, not “buying the dips”. That’s the road we’re on.

Sinking below 1904 has solidified a much larger and more serious correction ahead, so investors / traders need to be aware that we’re on the other side of the mountain now. This earnings season is also expected to bring disappointement so look ahead to lower stock prices in coming weeks.


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    • Forex Kong October 14, 2014 / 8:24 am

      Good having you Bob….he.he.he…..

      The dark side….finally!

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