Sell High – Have You Ever Actually Done It?

Selling at the highs is impossible for you.

That’s because you didn’t buy at the lows.

You MUST get this turned around.

It takes time for sure, but it’s one of the many “revelations” I’ve experienced on the long path to becoming a successful trader.

Once you “finally” get this flipped around ( and you will – if you just put in a little effort ) you’ll start to view markets in an entirely different light.

You’ll start “dreaming” of massive pullbacks in bull markets, or huge “upward spikes” in bear markets as these serve as “opportunities” – not setbacks.

The entire thing gets “turned upside down” once you are “finally” on the right side of the trade, and when you can “actually say” you indeed bought the lows……then in turn – sold the highs.

A very, very rare occurence. Bravo!

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