No Central Bank Bull Today – Just U.S Budget Balance


Nikkei down another  150 here as of this “early morning writing ” ( it’s 5:30 here this morning ) and no big moves up in SP futures.

It still “feels” a little early but thus far reaction to the move from The PBOC has been sustained. Markets are not looking very “green” to say the least, but we all know what generally happens every morning before the U.S open.

USD/JPY usually ramps – but thus far………trading flat as are EUR/USD as well GBP/USD.

One “has to wonder” what “breaking news” from one CB or another will manage to make its way into the headlines any minute.

I can only suggest to get “under or over” currency pairs by a minimum of 50 pips, getting a couple orders into the system and just letting momentum pick you up.

Today could just as easily be a tiny “doji type candle” or very small / flat as Thursdays generally bring about the larger move.

USD has now met “all criteria needed” to satisfy the beginning of its intermediate decline, but that’s not to say things still can’t move sideways another day or two.

The sustained move lower in oil has obviously got the energy markets spooked, Yen has now put in a solid “swing low” as USD looks to have topped out. Gold and Silver consolidating the big “up moves” from yesterday so……everything “appears” to be on track.

Expect this afternoons “US Federal Budget Balance” number to again miss / disappoint as government spending continues to “grossly surpass” government revenue by oh….I dunno….120 “billion” per month?

Sounds very healthy.

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