Patience In Trading – Jedi Mind Tricks

The ability to remain patient with your trading is arguably one of the most difficult skills to master when first getting started. You turn on your T.V, you hear the bullshit “hype”, you pull up your charts and you see the action , then something comes over you like a Jedi mind trick.

“Push the buy button Luke… apart of something…….change your life……..get rich……buy…buy”. As the Emperors spell works its magic on you.

The discipline needed to fight back, to remain “true to thyself”, to block out these evil messages and to remain patient is virtually impossible to exercise – short of many. many years out in the swamp practicing with Yoda.


Timing helps….but ultimately it’s patience that serves you best.

How can this be learned? ( Cuz believe me I can tell you…….it’s impossible to teach ) In a word……


The market is full of opportunities each and every day…some bigger than others, but in all..there is never a need to “rush in”.  You can still call yourself a trader. Just a trader that has learned to exercise patience.

“Errr…trading you will do then……strong is the force with you.” ( In Yoda voice of course ).

USD Shorts obviously “massive” trade as of this moment.

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