Stocks Enter New Cycle – Failed Cycle

Some of you follow cycles, some of you follow astrology. Some of you follow “clown ass donkeys” ’round the internet – looking for advice.


Follow this:

I think this thing “kacks out” right around here ( price level wise ) and we get set to follow something alright……..something going lower.

We’ve failed.

The intermediate ( medium term cycle ) has failed and we’ve bounced. Barely bounced.

Risk move lower. Stocks move lower. Dollar tanks. Yen runs…

Monday……. trades get picked up!



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  1. Andrew February 18, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    Key FK… I am an avid follower of your blog. After Xmas 2015, you said words to the effect of “Place your orders for AUD/JPY 50 pips below where price is at and it’s down, down, down from here.”. Well boy were you right 🙂 I managed to keep in excess of 1k pips from that “Japanese mudslide”.

    As it looks like we are about to move lower again, do you recommend holding off opening new shorts (JPY pairs) until Monday’s US session opens? It looks pretty shakey out there…

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