New Cycles Abound! – Kong Back In Action

It’s been a long time, but as “stars align” – many opportunities have now presented themselves.

I’m looking at correlations here, with respect to commodities forming new daily cycles, and USD turning lower.

Kong Back In Action!

USD/JPY is headed for parity. A quick short there……as well some solid “consolidation in GBP/USD” at the relative lows since Brexit.

USD / JPY headed for parity.

USD / JPY headed for parity.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t even think about entering a trade on a Friday afternoon rather…start planning your intra-day levels of support and resistance NOW – then look for entry early next week. This market has obviously been trading flat / distributing in a very wide range, with currencies showing large-scale moves on Brexit and further global economic concern. It’s been a long few months more or less sitting on the sidelines but…..patience and planning always prevail.

Things are setting up quite nicely for entries across the board – short USD and long some natgas and miners.


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