Ride The Bull – And I Don’t Mean Stocks

A tougher turn this time with stubborn Gold and The U.S Dollar eh? Eh?

Amazing…….a couple of dippy American chicks just nailed me for sounding “too Canadian”. When I’m speaking Spanish?? My my….If they could only hear themselves……hey y’all? How y’all dooooin??

How y’all doooooooin?? Gees. Shoot me now.

Get a load outta these two. You might as well just blind fold them, paint a couple big red targets on their backs, wind em up  and lettem go! I marvel how these people survive in the real world.

So gold riders! Canadians! Americans and Mexicans alike! Having a bit of trouble sticking to the plan here? A tough couple days hovering at near exactly my entry price of 12.35 on NUGT.

Conviction people. The bull can throw you for a loop once in a while….but you gotta stick to it…I mean really….you’ve stuck with stocks this long! Tick tock…..find the top….tick tock don’t get caught.

This thing is looking to kick you in the teeth here at any moment. Grab a little gold even as a hedge while you ride your stocks into the dirt for the next 2 years….at least you’ll break even.

Another day……a flat day –  no possible reason on Earth to consider it as anything more.


Forex_Kong_Chillin In Cabo 

Look close……..you can see me there under the palms.


Never Buy In The Morning – Afternoon Is Best

You don’t EVER buy pre-market…and I rarely buy anything in the morning.Period.

This is when Wall St. “sells to you”……where as in the afternoon….Wall St. “buys for themselves”.




You should file this away as another great tip / something to incorporate into your trading….as a mis-timed entries tend to keep you up at night.

And we all need our sleep right?

Resist the temptation to buy in the mornings….this will help a lot.


USD Update – Failed Daily Cycle

The U.S Dollar has now breached the low from the previous daily cycle….confirming that this “next cycle” will also manifest as a “left translated cycle” and take the dollar decidedly lower.

But first we bounce.

We bounce higher in a confirmed downtrend so…you don’t go buying this dip in USD bonehead. You wait 4-6 days ( 6 at most I imagine ) and “sell the rip” as we are in a downtrend. Patience is everything when trading, as you’ve got to fight that “urge” to get in there…and be involved every minute of the day.

I can honestly say that these days ( having long since been through the emotional torment experienced when learning ) I spent more like 85% of my time plotting / scheming / observing markets than I do “actually trading”.

Magically…..the less I trade – the more money I make…but don’t confuse this with “investing”. Yes I believe that gold and silver have bottomed, the Euro will rise and USD will fall…JPY will surge and U.S equities will soon take a substantial hit so….

Investing is 100% totally / absolutely / without question OUT!  I trade…..and I trade assets I believe to be in longer term trends. I don’t consider it investing.

Most of the standard correlations are looking pretty good right now ie…USD down has The Euro and commodities ( priced in USD ) moving higher…and The Japanese Yen flying cuz money borrowed some years ago is now repatriating to the place of its origin. Yen up = U.S equities down.

The fact that this thing has traded sideways for this long must have many of you looking at your portfolios and wondering – why haven’t I done so well this past year?

How much “higher” can you really expect anything to climb in the face of a dramatically waning “appetite for risk”.

The planet is completely freaked out about Trump. Good or bad….I have no opinion, but I can tell you this….markets hate uncertainty, and the future looks “more than uncertain” to say the least.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Kong Sells NUGT – 11.65

Im busy trading people. There’s no time to site back and “write”.

I’ve sold NUGT for an additional 16-18% gain asI never leave money on the table.

I identify larger scale macro turns on longer term charts…then I jump down to smaller time frames and trade the shit out of it.

The cycle’s are extended…..USD has been pole axed and needs to bounce ( however slightly ) so….I’m banking coin and planning to wait another 6-8 days for re entry.


Yes! Re entry! Gold and Silver have seen the low. Now it’s all about “active trading” so I take my profits and I wait for the next pullback. I will let you know.


Pro Traders vs Amateur Traders

Pro Traders vs Amateur Traders